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File: 1550766394251.jpg (117.32 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3728.JPG)


Intro; This thread is mostly for S1/S2 Oldfags who want to reminisce about both the show and fandoms past, considering the recent announcement of the S9 being the last season, thus bringing G4 to an end. Anypony is welcome to join the discussion, even New fags, as long as you're respectful to some of the shows veterans.

In this thread we talk about/share our favourite episodes, movies, shorts, songs, animations, fan-fictions, fan-art, toys, etc, that are in any way related to G4. As well as talking about the impact G4 has had on our lives and/or the lives of those around us. I'm going to make regular updates to this thread, and I suggest that everypony else do the same.

End of the line celebrations; I'm personally planning to go back to season one, so I can watch every episode from the show in order, again. (I plan to make thread updates about this as I go along.) I suggest you do the same, but don't rush it. Remember this is about reappreciating, the more thine you take the better.

Q&A; What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show? (As I said rewatching the show. But I'll also go back and look at some of the old fan content.)

Do you plan to stay the fandom once the show ends? If so, how long do you plan on staying here? (Definitely! I'll probably stay here for a good few years to come, at least.)

When did you join the fandom? (Early to mid season 2/early 2012.)

Do you still watch the show? (Yes, but nowhere near as much as I used to.)

What is your favourite episode/season? (There are too many good episodes and seasons for me to answer this question.)

Who are your favourite ponies? (Lyra, Twilight, and Luna.)

Ask your questions, along with any answers you give.


>what am I doing to celebrate the end of the show
Probably nothing, maybe hang out with the only group of horsefucker I know

>when did I join the fandom

S1 hiatus, so just before s2; though at the time I didn't participate in fandom stuff so much as just watch the show.

>do I still watch the show

When an episode comes out I try to catch it on the day of or watch it when I next get the chance, but I haven't rewatched in any large capacity in a long time.

>what is my favorite episode

Bridle Gossip. Showcases everybody's personality well, then undermines each one fantastically, all with a good moral and enjoyable humor.

>who are my favorite ponies

RD (waifu), Zecora (similar personality), Lyra (she's cute I guess)

The fandom greatly impacted my taste in music, in retrospect. Before I joined the fandom I don't think I was really exposed to a large variety of styles of music, but when I was in the phase where I liked it if it had a pony image on it, I had stuff downloaded ranging from dubstep to ragtime, and I'm quite thankful for the variety of tastes that has given me now that I'm more mature.


I can't believe this ride's arguably coming to an end. It feels like I've been trudging along for so long…

I'm healthy now, physically and mentally, but I used to be a miserable abused fat kid. I'm 22 now, going on 23. But for so many years, this show was the only positive thing in my life. It hurt, when this show went off the rails and lost its heart. It was annoying when I was attacked by bitter newfags who came into the show when the worst Poochies were already introduced and seemingly the norm for the show.

End of the line celebrations; I'm personally planning to go back to season one, so I can watch every episode from the show in order, again. (I plan to make thread updates about this as I go along.) I suggest you do the same, but don't rush it. Remember this is about reappreciating, the more thine you take the better.

>What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show?

I'll go back and rewatch every episode.

>Do you plan to stay the fandom once the show ends? If so, how long do you plan on staying here?

Probably indefinitely. Just as a part of me will always love Pokemon, no matter how bad and insultingly lazy the games get, a part of me will always be a true MLP fan.
Besides, I still need to finish that My Little Pony "My OC meets and befriends the mane six" fanfic I dreamed up as a kid. Sometimes, I wonder if kid-me would like the changes I ended up making to it. I need to finish that Fallout Equestria fic, too.
Honestly… I hope we all stay, and I hope the good people who left come back. We've wasted so many years on shit-tier websites with faggoted moderation, where we aren't allowed to post this or say that. This is our chance to enjoy FIM and its fan content forever, without any of that bullshit. Besides, the Pokemon and Sonic fandoms have survived for years without any good games (Besides Mania and PMD) and they've got thriving fangame communities.
I learned how to romhack gen 3 Pokemon games as a kid. Maybe if I make some proper tutorials, people here could make all kinds of cool shit.
Imagine a Pokemon Clover-style game made by everyone here.

>When did you join the fandom?

During the season 2 opener premiere. I remember using my stolen 3ds to secretly talk to people on MLPforums, before I got a phone. The place was nice for a while, before its cucked mods turned the Debate Pit into a honey pot where anyone who admits to not loving SocJus, and anyone who offends the crybullies, gets harassed by mods with bullshit points and eventually banned.

>Do you still watch the show?

I dropped the show during S7.

>What is your favourite episode/season?

Season 1 episodes One and Two are the perfect MLP episodes, but S2's Lesson Zero was the first pony episode I ever saw. It was brilliant, and it sucked me into this show and got me hooked on this wild ride.

>Who are your favourite ponies?

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Princess Celestia.


File: 1550848789861.png (206.82 KB, 966x966, Creepy Twilight.png)

>what am I doing to celebrate the end of the show?
Probably do a marathon of the show and after that revisit old fanfics while getting drunk off my ass.

>Do you plan on staying in the fandom? Hell yeah and I will stay on any site that isn't ruled by cuck mods.

>When did you join the fandom?

Oct 22 2011 when I watched Luna Eclipsed when it aired. Back when the Hub still existed and Dan vs wasn't dead.

>Do you still watch the show?

When I can find them on Kisscartoon yes.

>What is your favorite episode/season?

Bit of a toss up between Lesson zero and the return of harmony.

>Who are your favorite ponies?

Discord, Rarity, Colgate and Sweetie Belle.

Honestly this was my first ever experience with any kind of a fandom and I am really thankful for it. It gave me such an outlet for my dream of being a writer and it made for great practice even though non of my stories were posted because I am a perfectionist bastard so they sat on my hard drive until it died and I lost everything.

Meh I was going to redo most of them anyway.

Here's hoping G5 won't suck!


I forgot to answer if I'm staying in the fandom, so I guess I'll take the chance to elaborate on it. I know for a fact that I'm never going to forget my waifu, so in that way I'll be part of the fandom forever. As far as being part of the community at large, well, I've always been kind of hands off. None of my friends are part of the fandom, and most of the people I meet from /mlp/ are /pol/-oriented people that I want little to do with in the first place, so my social connection to the fandom is largely non-existant. As for media, well, that remains to be seen. I feel that in order to want to stay around I'll have to find a community of ponyfags that I can get to know and trust personally.


File: 1550860904149.png (134.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0939.PNG)

You guys sucked all the fucking joy out of my life, what should have been a pleasant experience amongst fellow fans of MLP fim you guys instead turned into hell for me, I came into the brony fandom as a refugee away from my abusive family and wanted to be accepted as part of the fandom as a replacement family only to get treated just as bad if not more so, it wasn't enough for you guys to kick me off ponyville.us and ponychan, it wasn't enough for you to call me the worst insults imaginable, it wasn't enough for some of you to follow and harass me on other sites but now you take my username away eliminating any chance to fulfill a deal I have with ponyville.us to get let back on eventually, you took a show I love and forever gave me negative memories to associate with it and I will never forgive your fandom for that! I once considered you guys friends but then you stabbed me in the back and that's an emotional scar that can never go away.


Is that you, hclegend?
This is not a namefag board.


>Is that you, hclegend?

No I went by "飛翔 ルーラー"


File: 1550872467435.jpg (84.63 KB, 848x941, IMG_0953.JPG)

>This is not a namefag board.

Regardless why can't you let me "namefag" (as you put it) temporarily just until I fulfill my agreement with another site and get let back on? Is it really that hard to just ignore the name and pretend it doesn't exist? Again I'm only needing it temporarily to get unbanned from another site! Why do you bronies find enjoyment in denying me the chance to be reunited with my friends again?


File: 1550875591618.png (62.72 KB, 1125x681, tripfags.png)



File: 1550878110875.png (383.66 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0954.PNG)

>that pic
You're missing the fucking point! I'm not wanting to tripfag just because I feel like it, I'm being put up to this as part of an initiation back into a site I got kicked out of! Why can't you just ignore the name and trip and just pretend it isn't there? The only person who's actually needing to see it anyway is the person I struck the deal with!


B. Raindrops if you're reading this please show M. Shy what's happening here and get me out of here already and let me come back I can't take this bull shit anymore!


Wait. Who did you strike a deal with?
Did the person know that in chan culture, you're not supposed to reveal your name?


Dude, I think the person who put you up to this is just fucking with you. He's not going to let you back onto that site. But that's okay, because any true friends you made on that site will follow you to any other site of your choosing. That's what my true friends did when I was banned from MLPforums for pissing off a tranny.


The person I struck a deal with is my friend and I trust him, he's been somewhat of like a therapist to me during my dark times banned.


File: 1550885904136.png (171.5 KB, 1400x1400, 1361563.png)

I'm curious about this deal too. What exactly are the details of it? "Post X amount of posts in other chans to gain access to ours?"


>show them I can get along with others on other sites for about a year and they may consider lifting my ban.

>show them I can get along with others

>show them


How am I supposed to show them jack shit without a username and tripcode?!


Or you could say fuck them and join another board like here, /mlp/ or /mlpol/. Just a thought.


If you're talking about 4chan's /mlp/ board that was the most toxic environment on the internet I have ever been to why would you even suggest that? Also what is /mlpol/? I've never heard of that place.


File: 1550929310275.png (134.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0939.PNG)

>Or you could say fuck them and join another board like here

Why would I want to join a board that devalued me as a human being just a few days ago by calling me the worst insult imaginable? So no I'm not going to say fuck em and join you, I'm going to say fuck you and do all I can to reunite with them!


The worst insult imaginable isn't fag, it's nigger.
The people you want to reunite with gave you this task because they wanted you to come here and do something that's banned in our culture.
Imagine your DND club bans you, and will only let you back in if you go to a WW2 memorial and piss on it.
That's what's happened here. Chan culture isn't about what name you give yourself, it's about what you can do for the friends you make here.


>The worst insult imaginable isn't fag, it's nigger.

Please tell me, where in the fucking hell in that pic does it say the word "fag"?!!! Omfg learn to read!!!


File: 1550934311868.png (134.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0939.PNG)

>it's about what you can do for the friends you make here.

What kind of friends devalue your worth as a human being by calling you retarded?

Also no "n**ger" is not the worst insult imaginable, "retard" is! Do you know the implications and impact that insult has? Being told your retarded tells you that you have no worth and that you'll never amount to anything and that you'd be better off killing yourself, it tells you that whatever dreams you have for the future will remain dreams and can never become a reality! And what does that tell someone like me who's dream one day is to become a scientist and become a contributing member of the scientific community? That tells me that I can't have the one thing I want out of life, that tells me that I can't use my mind to its fullest to better the world because I have no functioning mind to do so!

What sort of impact or implications does being called a "n**ger" have? Nothing that can't be dismissed or disproven! If the implication is that blacks are stupid that's a stupid thing to say because that can easily be disproven by the fact that we have many examples of brilliant intelligent people who are black despite being black having nothing to do with that.


>If the implication is that blacks are stupid that's a stupid thing to say because that can easily be disproven by the fact that we have many examples of brilliant intelligent people who are black despite being black having nothing to do with that.
You're fucking with us. This has to be bait! You can't tell me you seriously think black people are a match for white people in the intelligence department.
Name ten intelligent black people. No, name five. Name three actors, one singer, and that lying woman who brought coffee to the real scientists who made the moon landing happen, despite how she claims "We wuz moon landingz n sheit".



File: 1550999407892.gif (657.46 KB, 390x383, 1550878283698.gif)


Name ten intelligent white people.

No, i mean actually intelligent, not just well educated.


File: 1551000459876.jpg (10.22 KB, 236x269, eeb3b35aad23c4a5cec619fb10….jpg)


For example, a lost pony can easily recognize that these are all yours, and so can Rain. This is hurting you not helping.

Please believe me that you don't need to get upset over the word "retard". It doesn't matter what word people use, it is the intent behind that word and in the example you gave here, that person did not mean to call you those things. He meant that you are a bit slow at picking up the social cues that help normies have an easier time getting along, which is true and does NOT mean that you'll never amount to anything. You can be a scientist if you want to work that hard.

That person also said you're an ok person. He also pointed out that you are not being treated well by that other site, and i agree with that.

You don't need to post a name here for Rain. Just write down your post numbers and send them to him, he will believe you that they are yours.

Please just hang out with us. This is a very nice site! The only thing that will make people mad at you is name-posting because they see that as the foundation for all that crummy stuff that happens on those other sites. All you have to do here is post anon and nobody's going to provoke you like happens to you on that other place, or be mean to you like on that other place. These are real pony people here, and the owner of this site is just the best most wonderful person. As you are!

Relax! Put your feet up, make yourself at home. And go ahead and get into some conversations and if you run into anything that doesnt make you feel good, take a break and hit me up on discord and i'll see what i can do.



Oops pronoun error, sorry Rain. Rain prefers "she".


>You don't need to post a name here for Rain. Just write down your post numbers and send them to him, he will believe you that they are yours.

That's tedious as fuck and I shouldn't have to do that! Tell me why you think that's a good idea, to literally send him every single post I make, I want you to say that out loud a few times and realize for yourself why that wouldn't make any sense to do!


File: 1551003625216.png (112.7 KB, 420x420, 77271cd2497248431ba91715fa….png)

Nice digits.

It's what i would do. Of course, im not the sharpest tool in the shed so, its up to you.

The way you replied to me is not going to win you any favor with Rain. I hope you can see that.


Your kidding right? That post was me actually trying to avoid getting upset toward you because you're my friend, and that was too harsh? That was me trying to be as nice as I could in the given situation.


File: 1551033382729.jpg (38.26 KB, 418x455, 1550001172061.jpg)

Rain was clear that it'd going to take "extraordinary" improvement before she'll advocate for your return. Remember there were 3 measurable objectives you must meet to impress her and not getting upset so easily is a major factor.

Even if she does advocate for your return, it's not going to convince the others. They will never let you come back.

I wish you would not be so focused on wanting what you can't have, and instead focus on enjoying what you DO have which is a nice place here to enjoy.


File: 1551033660968.png (134.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0939.PNG)

>and instead focus on enjoying what you DO have which is a nice place here to enjoy.


File: 1551034163365.png (360.45 KB, 1205x1024, large (10).png)

Why not stop rebelling against social norms, and post a nice magic or ninjitsu thread? Something you want to talk about, and just let things flow naturally.


>large (10).png


File: 1551034477793.png (230.86 KB, 900x767, 3d4.png)

I don't name em, i just downloadem n postem.


Because I don't want to until the terms of this bargain


Or some variation of it are met.


File: 1551035565450.png (815.73 KB, 695x1024, 1550555589947.png)

A solution that doesn't require any special bargain is suggested in

Seems like if you draw an OC you can namefag? I'll help you draw something if you want to do it that way.

I don't really understand how that works tho, hopefully someone can explain. How is it different from avataring?


File: 1551037624045.jpg (668.61 KB, 1750x2500, IMG_0610.JPG)

This is my OC "Wrima Aspting" can you draw him in a Lightsaber duel with a vampiric Uncle Sam? His Lightsaber has a green blade while vampire Uncle Sam of course has a red one.


Thats going to take me a while, i dont draw very good.

I'll see what i can do.


Thanks <3


File: 1551058449211.png (7.22 MB, 5423x5209, 1936526.png)

Avatarfagging: posting with pictures of the same character so people can identify you. Makes you the equivalent of a namefag.
Posting OC: Creating new, original pony content for the good of the fandom. Makes you a hero worthy of signing your work.


File: 1551058813141.png (30.25 KB, 267x200, Sorry doctor there is no p….png)

So, the only nuts-and-bolts difference is that your avatar is an oc? Therefore it's ok?

Is is ok if someone else creates it for you, or does it have to be your own work?


OC in this context stands for Original Content.
Avatarfagging: Using pics of recoloured rainbow dash's face as my uploaded pic so you can tell what emotions I'm having and tell it's me.
Posting OC: "Here's this art I did of Nyx shagging Rainbow Dash!"


File: 1551059502810.png (1001.11 KB, 891x815, 236af3842660195cfd889657ed….png)

So specifically even if the art is good and original, reposting half a dozen of the same images over and over would be avatarfagging, not posting original content.



File: 1551059523040.png (1.14 MB, 2800x3000, 1446821.png)

For all practical purposes as long as it leads to new art getting created for the board, it shouldn't matter how you got it made. If you commission someone to draw for you it still means new content that wouldn't have been made without your influence.

This is a good explanation. One is about identification, the second one is about art.


Yes, reposting is not original content.


File: 1551060122501.gif (282.66 KB, 503x503, 1367103.gif)

This is making is hard to cheat the no namefagging rule, ha.

What about rp, hows that work exactly? Like, within a single thread for some adventure or erotic roleplay only, just to sort out who's-who but not when regular posting for discussion or whatever, in other threads?


File: 1551072821570.png (183.05 KB, 1153x692, 1548314331270.png)

>What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show?

Probably the same as OP.

>Do you plan to stay on the fandom once the show ends?

As long as there's one, i'll always be there.

>When did you join the fandom?

During S7 premiere, although the first episode i saw was S5's "The Mane Attraction" thought it was cute, then i saw the season's finale and got baited by the amount of former villains, so i started with S1 right up to S7's premiere perfectly timed.

>Do you still watch the show?

Yeah, although i haven't watched S8, i'll definitely watch S9.

>What is your favourite episode/season?

Can't pick an episode, although…

S2>S1>S4>S3=S5>S7(The first half was utter shit as S6, but the second got better.)>>>S6=S8?

>Who are your favorite ponies?

Can't pick, they're all amazing besides; Glimmer and the times Flutter got übermench skills at everything.


File: 1551074213111.gif (1.94 MB, 434x495, 1546979494905-3.gif)

This is the best attention whoring i've ever seen goys.


How is me wanting back on my old site attention whoring? Did you even read the posts you responded to?


Why did my post get deleted?


Okay now it's back for some reason, wtf?


File: 1551128805212.png (190.14 KB, 887x901, 1551075746941.png)

Theres some kind of delay issue when posting where they seem to disappear for a few minutes. Its just some issue under the hood, not anything that anypony did.

These anons don't even like name posting. I think theyre being totally cool with you, much nicer really than those jerks on other chans that have been so mean to you. You really should forget those mean places and settle in here with these nice folks.

Oh i love that laughing Dashie so much.


Oops dangit forgot to remove my stupid name.


>What am I doing to celebrate the end of the show?
Rewatching past episodes, and drawing ponies.

>Am I going to stay in the fandom once the show ends?

Of. Bucking. Course.
>How long am I going to stay?
Not sure yet, but it'll be a while.

>When did I join the fandom?

End of Season 4.

>Do I still watch the show?

Yes, but not as much as I used to.

>Favorite episode/season?

My favorite season is Season 7, and my favorite episode is S7E23, Secrets and Pies.

>Favorite ponies?

Pie Hater Dash. Also Fluttershy, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Starlight Glimmer, and Wallflower Blush.


Hi y'all. Just seeing this forum and jumping in. Reading this thread, this is a great throwback to the good ol' shitposting days for 4chan before reddit turned it into a hugbox. Good to see y'all here before the fandom ends. Q&A follows.

>What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show?

Not really anything. We've been in generation 4.5 since season 5. The show ended with Rainbow Rocks as far as I'm concerned.

>Do you plan to stay the fandom once the show ends? If so, how long do you plan on staying here?

Sure. I'll be around as long as there are gathering places.

>Do you still watch the show?

See the first answer. The morals of the show have changed since season 4's end, and it's unwatchable now.

>What is your favourite episode/season?

Season 4 all the way. The finale was to die for. I wish they had kept the quasi-divine thing they had going with Rainbow Power

Who are your favourite ponies?
>Rarity is really the most deep of the mane 6, but Pinkie is great too for similar reasons. They get enough hate to let the average outsider know they're worth looking into.


I don’t know how I’d go about doing it, but what would be a pretty good idea is for someone to do a weekly stream/discussion of every episode of the show once s9 ends. Gives fans a chance to go back and revisit older episodes they’ve forgotten about and keeps discussion going.
I really don’t think this fandom is gonna die out like a lot of people fear though. Ponies kinda outgrew the show a long time ago. In a way this is just gonna be an extended hiatus until G5 comes around. Might end up being shit or it might end up being actually pretty good.

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