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File: 1550171129753.png (391.43 KB, 1743x1071, 1826373__safe_artist-colon….png)


What are your fetishes? It's always fun to discuss the strange things people enjoy, and what they find appealing about them.


File: 1550171377338.png (4.51 MB, 1900x1600, IMG_0001.PNG)


File: 1550172097489.jpg (150.51 KB, 1280x791, 30006880_ball_busted.png.jpg)

I like ballbusting. I like dominant women, but I've never understood what's supposed to be arousing about things like spanking or licking boots. That just seems annoying and distracting.

Now a mare going for the balls, that's intense! It's so much more intense than those without balls could ever imagine. I find it especially hot when the girls don't even think of it as a big deal and kick guys in the balls as a naughty prank.


Now this begs an explanation.

Also, don't namefag outside RP threads or unless you're posting OC.


File: 1550282217071.jpg (477.48 KB, 1173x1075, twilight_remodels_the_mode….jpg)

I like big things
Really big things
Big enough that i could literaly explore their love cavern from the inside


Can I please have my username back? I rarely intend to post here outside of just making threads and I need the name to be recognized by a site I'm trying to get unbanned from!


I've seen him around 4chan, he's kinda retarded but as far as I can tell mostly harmless. He posted some proof of what he claims in the form of a discord convo once.
I'm of the opinion that you should probably let it go, considering how fucking long you've been at it with no results. Whoever it is who's put you up to this is using you as the butt of a joke.


I reported your ass for name calling, do not ever fucking talk to me again!


File: 1550405187768.jpeg (299.63 KB, 2000x2000, 1888366.jpeg)


I like big girls too , although not giant ones. Just taller and stronger than me, because obviously bigger and stronger is alwaya better. I would love a strong mare with a nice pussy, lusting for a man to give her the D. Some people say they'd feel emasculated if a woman was stronger than them, but I would feel more manly for fucking a huge, strong female!

In words of William Shatner: "Captain kirk is climbing the mountain, why is he climbing the mountain? To fuck the mountain, to make love to the mountain."


File: 1550429243738.png (1.07 MB, 1024x1024, large (3).png)

I like that too!

Also tying them up n hanging heavy weights on them.

Crossdressing, being pegged with large horsecock, and pony play to name a few.


I'm into pony mare piss. Seeing mares piss on their stallions like dogs marking their territory is hot.
Not into real piss, though.


File: 1550442205925.png (252.29 KB, 673x587, Derpy Dinky Breakfast Sick….png)

Abortion. (fuck my life…)

I like how it's like birth except you don't end up with a baby afterwards. It's like unprotected sex without the consequences (outside of dead babies). Also that kind of take-charge, rebellious attitude is hot, like ruining the plans of those people who're happy to tell you all about your duty, when they're not the ones with an unwanted pregnancy. Also fighting against your own nature is hot, it's like… orgasm denial? Sort of proving you're more than your maternal urges.


>Sort of proving you're more than your maternal urges.
You mean proving you're currently incapable of fulfilling your biological purpose by murdering your unborn child.
Degenerates like you belong on a cross.


This is gonna sound crazy, but bear with me:

Abortion as a fetish makes sense because then you'll want to abort other males' fetuses and insert your own. (Granted, it won't work too well in a monogamic culture.)

You can even combine it with a pregnancy fetish, which makes sense because it's an obvious sign of fertility.


I rank you higher than the "I love injuring my balls and being a faggy crossdresser" faggot. No higher.


File: 1553182770870.jpeg (914.41 KB, 900x1882, 608515.jpeg)

I like transformation. Becoming somepony/someone else, maybe even flipping genders in the process too.


File: 1553190577701.png (325.51 KB, 1151x608, 479533.png)

More like fuck fetuses life, am I right?


File: 1553195433432.jpg (957.72 KB, 5300x4220, 196981.jpg)

Can you elaborate on what the appeal is?

It must be somehow related to the breast expansion fetish, which I'm also still confused about. I mean huge boobs are awesome, but why would you ever want them to be small to begin with?


I went through a phase of that transformation fetish crap growing up.
The appeal is the idea that you can stop being you. Whatever dissatisfies you about who you are, what you are, or what your role in life is can just vanish. You can stop being some awkward teen or unloved adult and become a sexy woman, you can become a mighty ripped wolf-man, you can become a smoking hot and badass Pokemon, you can sacrifice yourself at the altar of pony and feel everything that sucks about you get washed away by the perfection of Twilight Sparkle.
If you're lucky, you just masturbate to cartoons where some generic human becomes someone you wish you were, or something you see as better than yourself.
If you're unlucky, leftists talk you into mutilating your own body and becoming a tranny faggot.
As for breast expansion, it's a mix of "Simple big boob artists never make them as big as the expansion fetish guys do" and "The before and after dichotomy makes them feel even bigger".


Tranny faggot? Wow… Just wow. Why do you care so much about people wanting to be how they believe they are? It's not hurting you in the least bit.

IMO, the appeal is that you get to be/watch others become whatever you want. You get to get rid of all the flaws you see and replace them with something that you think is better.
Re: breast expansion… Might be a bit related, sure. Huge boobs are awesome, yeah, but what if you start with someone who is small? Got to make them grow somehow.


I'll stop calling them tranny faggots when they stop calling me cishet scum, when they stop calling my race inherently racist, when they stop calling my gender inherently toxic, when they stop trying their hardest to police my people's language and thoughts, when they stop attacking science and reason, and when they stop spreading lies to damage the physical and mental development of innocent children while encouraging them to develop mental disorders and "Listen to the voices" by getting drugs and surgery to let them keep pretending they are what they're not.
The first non-binary transgender has already admitted it was all a sham.
It's over.
Pedophile doctor John Money's little "Gender" pet project is over.


And as a bonus…
Remember: Gender is a fashion. The "Transgender" subculture is founded on a lie. It has even less validity than the Goth subculture.


This tbh. Also hi there, /mlpol/.


How about we just end your life instead


>Wow… just wow
>it's not hurting you
this site has a redditumblr infestation, can you just an hero already?


File: 1558490611514.png (113.47 KB, 571x664, 1302355__safe_solo_twiligh….png)

I have a lot of stuff that's kind of bully material, but you can't control what gets your cock rock solid, can you?


>inflation (specific subtypes like rapid weight gain, cumflation, liquid-based stuffing)
>sub/dom w/ mild bdsm
>rough sex
>tight/ill-fitting clothing
>"'til the collar/belt bursts"
>magic based transformation
>being anonfilly with an r63 waifu on top of you
>heavy partner sitting/laying on you
>eating/being stuffed with food while having sex
>being the filly in fillycon
>traps that can pass as a mare because their blubbery rear end hides their big cock


cringe, here's to hoping mlpol doesn't ruin this site


>dat pic
Yeah, my fetish is women raping men (or I guess females raping males), or otherwise taking advantage of them.
Gonna go ahead and save that.


Related, I am WAY into dick-biting.
Lucky for me, the wife has an oral fixation.


I like horse pussy and really big nipples. I'm into ear fucking too. Pony ears are hot.



I just want to marry and have babies with dash, feels gr8 2b pure unlike you degenerates


My sexuality starts and ends with cunnilingus.


I am ashamed I have so many
In no particular order:
>clothed sex
>intercrural sex
>prostate milking
>size difference
>cum inflation
>Arabian goggles
>cock worship
>pet play
>sleep molestation
>power bottoming
>accidental sex
>hyper breasts
>acting motherly/mommy play
>casual nudity
>public nudity
>improvised sex toys
>casual/bored sex
>ass worship

>this isn't even close to everything, just what I can think of right now.


I'm a bondage fan.


>Straight shota
>Weight gain
>Being the filly/colt in foalcon
>Permanent bondage/encasement
>Urethral sex


File: 1559807849490.png (2.17 MB, 5804x4856, 1634299.png)

>Straight shota


File: 1559814585985.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, 8ch3qbywr3x21.jpg)

People who have fetishes about pleasing others are so lucky. It must be easy to get partners into what you want to do when you just want to please them.




Specifically the one where the character is made of the material instead of just wearing it.
This should be obvious from the previous one. Being made of rubber makes it easy to be seen as a living toy.
>Vaccuum Beds
Surprisingly few people know of this thing, i get a lot of 'what's that?' questions when i bring it up.
>Bulge worship



Yeah, it's pretty great.
Non-selfish fetishes fucking rule.


>(non-hyper) belly inflation with cum or other liquids
>tentacles on ponies
>submissive mares
>wizard hats on mares
>traps and fembois
>forced feminization
>chastity cages
>riding accessories on ponies, bridles, blinkers, saddles, etc.
>lingerie and jewelry on mares
>braided manes and tails on mares
>mares being physically abused, beaten, whipped, choked, etc.
>mares being drowned or otherwise asphyxiated
>cock and ball torture, particularly on futa mares
>strong/proud mares being overpowered, raped and sexually humiliated by small, pathetic creatures (not that common in pony porn unfortunately)
>royal mares raped and humiliated, kinda overlaps with the one above
>enemas that don’t involve feces


Mainly bondage, but also inflation and transformations.


>>2336 Oh, and expansion too. (This is the same anon that posted the comment that this comment is replying to)


File: 1591954484621.gif (1.34 MB, 332x238, oh yeah.gif)

a good relationship


/poni/ - What are your fetishes? It's always fun to discuss the strange things people enjoy, and what they find appealing about them.
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