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File: 1549501545327.jpeg (58.9 KB, 626x512, 1837936.jpeg)

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With the technical side taken care of, it's time to start advertising the board to those still under the yoke of 4chan. Here's a dedicated thread for discussing methods on how to inform people about the new alternative.

With the moderation of 4chan becoming more and more arbitrary and the list of banned topics growing by the day, poni can easily offer them what they want simply by not stomping on their throats. One good tactic would be to find threads where people are posting links to banned content on third party sites and mentioning that they could move the thread here and have properly working imageboard for it. NSFW content, tulpa threads, fluffy ponies, Milky Way and Anonfilly, all the stuff that 4chan doesn't allow are things they could only have here.

Simply spamming links to the board doesn't endear anyone, except when there's a moderator outrage going on and people are swearing to leave the site. Those things happen quite often, and that is the best time to advertise a board without whatever new moderation abuse it is that's breaking their camels back once again.

Picture ads work surprisingly well, so if anyone wants to make some images about poni.fun, those would no doubt become handy.

Do you have thoughts or suggestions on advertising? Brainstorming session is now open.


I will start advertising on /mlp/ on 4chan when I get unbanned.


File: 1549527298507.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, IMG_0915.PNG)

I was thinking about making the exact same thread earlier, but decided against it. I'll go you a small list of reasons why I think we should be very cautious.

1. Raids; Given how small this site currently is, and the lack of staff monitoring the site we are wide open raids or even hackers. We should wait until the sites more secure and has a moderation staff before we flood it with countless random people.

2. Quality over quantity; I'd personally rather the site be a home of 20-40 dedicated posters than the trash heap of several hundreds if not thousands of posters on /mlp/. I used to use /mlp/ regularly and I can tell you that it's nothing like it used to be. All that's left on the board now is bait threads and HIE Number 1467. What's left of the boards core fans left a long time ago.

3. Global rule 1 "Advertising is not welcome." I got banned a few moths back for this, so don't try it. You'll just get a month ban like I did.

I'm not saying that we can't advertise the site, all I'm saying is that we should be very careful how we attract to the site. Surely we should create our own community rather than trying to imitate a dead board (/mlp/.)

Advertise the site to your friends, and smaller more trusted community's. Having the site be constantly active with hundreds of posters will not make it a better place, at least wait until we have our hooves on the ground.

Don't, you'll just be banned again.


File: 1549527573782.png (510.25 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0912.PNG)

If we're going to advertise on another chan I suggest we do it on ponyville.us.



yay poni


File: 1549548775608.png (680.23 KB, 1600x1500, 9f009ea1757bdcd25c6b2a786d….png)

That's a good idea. That board has gone so far off the rails that anyone wanting to discuss ponies there ought to be interested in poni.


File: 1549622075803.png (603.57 KB, 1280x897, Ponifun ponk.png)




4chan's /trash/ is the most freely moderated board there is, so casually mentioning poni in its mlp threads should be unlikely to attract moderator attention. There's a party this weekend so I won't post there yet, but once I'm again free to moderate properly it's time for first 4channers to hear about this place.


Well advertising is banned on all boards, but I don't see why you'd care about a 4chan ban anyway.


I don't but if the post gets deleted before word gets around it will be wasted. That's why it's important to advertise in less in-your-face ways, such as mentioning the board as a natural part of conversation.


Back when 8chan still seemed like a good place I edited some pictures with dialogue about the site and its benefits. Only people who cared enough to click the thumbnail saw the hidden message that flew under Scruffys radar.


File: 1549655841954.jpg (179.86 KB, 1061x720, Ponifun nudes.jpg)

Like this. Completely inconspicuous thumbnail, and only those who care to see what it's about will ever know its message.


File: 1549670090549.jpg (315.24 KB, 1920x2160, 415747.jpg)

We could advertise in Derpibooru. Many people use it so the word of mouth ought to spread from there onward.


File: 1549730399355.jpeg (159.96 KB, 883x634, 1500524__safe_haven bay_j….jpeg)

On Endchan, we have been posting for an entire year and barely shilled it save for 2 or 3 posts on /mlp/.

And let me tell you, I don´t know how with 3 shitposters alone have managed to reach 3400 posts in a year.

Maybe I´ll lurk this board a little bit. It amazes me that 8pone has reached a mostly dead state. My advice is that if you want new things, don´t be based just on hate and say "/mlp/ sucks now" because that phase will vanish and won´t keep things going in the long run. A new site requires dedication and consistency at what you want to do, not just complaining. Well, you know better than me the reasons why 8chan failed.

Good luck on your project even though if it starts pretty late in the ride (for gen 4 at least).



File: 1549731897700.jpg (650.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1533506458577.jpg)

oh hey you're here too
legit chuckled


Will a discord server be made in the future?


File: 1549824370717.png (236.1 KB, 1080x1920, 252efd7e0805bd96748648d284….png)

>when there's a moderator outrage going on and people are swearing to leave the site
It's happening. Only it's not people swearing to leave the board this time but Hiro screwing the whole site irredeemably as soon only people with paid accounts will be able to make threads anymore. Now is the time to start sneaking in hints about this place before its too late.


oh no the cancer is already here

>It's happening
>it was news a week ago, most of the site forgot already
>over a week later some obsessed 8nigger finds out about it
>8gag is flipping their collective shit about a site they're supposedly left way past behind them and claim to not give a single fuck
oh i'm laffin'


No, discord has nothing to do with an anonymous imageboard. I don't see how one could ever be for the boards benefit.


*hears the word "discord"

That's it. I'm leaving.


There will never be a discord for this channel. Like I said there is absolutely no sense in making one. t.Moderator


>mods are drawn from admins personal circlejerk
and poof goes the illusion


File: 1549831388016.png (662.78 KB, 1662x934, 1957896.png)

I'm the admin and the moderator of this board. Are you just looking for something to get triggered by?


File: 1549834259608.png (751.84 KB, 1280x960, 1548167513019.png)

>I'm not in my circlejerk
Now, what was he trying to convey here?


File: 1549834655070.png (266.59 KB, 1681x2216, 1912198.png)

>a single person constitutes a circlejerk


File: 1549837439128.png (409.84 KB, 696x574, 1535078148869.png)

>he fell for the nofap meme


/pone/ has a discord server……


Yes discord is cancerous for many reasons. But don't you want to start advertising the board?
Discord could be used to advertise this board and make it easier to communicate with one another.
This place just started and most have forgotten about it. Having a discord would help keep things organized and keep people in the loop.


File: 1549884612848.jpg (468.34 KB, 1696x1680, 1019576[1].jpg)

Having the discord's cancers in any way associated with this board would be a massive anti-ad for everything poni stands for. I see no way a name-using chat service could advertise an anonymous board when the point of the board is anonymity.


Hows /pone/ discord worked out???
I think it worked out fine for them.


lmao just look at their board


So you've never been to their discord?


I have never been to any discord, we're talking about the impact for the imageboard


This definitely serves the porn niche of /mlp/. Advertising in porn threads is a good idea since they're infinitely more potent on this site.


So let me get this straight.
You guys want this discord to get more popular by getting some of the /mlp/ niggers on here, yet you don't want a discord?


File: 1549913466129.png (204.94 KB, 501x445, 919a9a9f628ec937b9f93e860c….png)

>Fluffy ponies
Nobody cares about this shit. Dead trends or already content where they are. Ban the cancer of parasitic nohooves normalfags or your board has nothing to offer over the rest.


File: 1549913816487.jpeg (217.19 KB, 600x450, 1247996.jpeg)

Are you explicitly stating that you like the current state of 4chan and nothing else? Not even Milky Way?

Just to clear this out, you are some kind of gigantic soyboy faggot, right?


File: 1549915400556.jpg (142.54 KB, 1600x1200, besti censored.jpg)

I can confirm that this tactic works. I posted the Pinkie pic in /mlp/ where it stayed for a day and brought forth our first wave of visitors, and even when the mods finally deleted it I didn't even get a ban. Keep doing this with pics and posts related to the topic being discussed, and the word about poni will spread little by little under the mods radar.


File: 1549930396816.png (Spoiler Image, 347.69 KB, 1600x1484, dashie_stretch_by_kooner01….png)

We could start some o.g. chan threads up but I don't want to spam the catalog.


>Nightly Twilight
>My Massive Pony
>Milky Way
>Greentext prompts

There's also the question of generals, roleplay, and cyoas. We should figure out how we want to approach those to keep the board quality high while not being oppressive like 4ch. Also the issue of shitposting if it should arise.

Also, first ^:)


We definitely need more discussions going on here. I thought about starting some of those threads myself but realized I didn't know the topics well enough to do it.

I'm definitely in for cyoas and greentext prompts!


Browse desuarchive and /mlp/ to get a feel for how to start threads. It's really formulaic and not hard at all


That's not that good advice. Just bee yourself lmao

>We could start some o.g. chan threads up
>I thought about starting some of those threads myself
Why be fixated about recreating something and forcing a particular identity, instead of just letting it happen for itself, naturally?
Instead of trying to be the next big better /mlp/, /pone/, /anon/, you name it, it's better to be just /poni/, and let the culture shape itself over time.
I mean, if you really want to go the astroturfing way, then by all means go on, but just keep in mind how this one-upmanship counter-culture scheme turned out for 8/pone/


That's what I meant too. I could start a thread just fine, but since I left 4chan before many of those things even became a thing I would be just creating threads I can't contribute to.


File: 1549981278184.png (440.81 KB, 1073x829, Ponifunsigns.png)

Just finished a picture for Derpibooru. Some 4channers visiting there ought to miss Milky Way as much as I did.


Derpibooru advertising maybe?


File: 1549985153115.gif (2.4 MB, 800x800, 1726527.gif)

I guess it's time to look into that…
Wait, it's free? Now it's really time to start making an ad there!


And yet you seem to be fixated on having "/mlp/ but with X" as your site's selling point.


File: 1549986974338.png (155.32 KB, 1100x900, 1605902.png)

Yes. The goal of the board is to be "/mlp/ back when it was free". The biggest appeal of poni is to be like /mlp/ before the scruffening, janitors and the downhill of 4chan in general. I'd have never left the site if it hadn't gotten cucked like it did but now we need a new board where the fandom is free to be what it used to.


That's kind of sad.

>like /mlp/ before the scruffening

so, no eqgarbage I take it?


>so, no eqgarbage I take it?
No, I'm not banning anything. You can simply ignore the threads you don't like, but the "ban things I don't like" style of moderation is exactly the kind of bullshit that we are trying to get away from.


But you said you want the site to be like /mlp/ before the scruffening, and there was no eqg or anonfilly, for instance[/s] on /mlp/ before the scruffening


File: 1549991993856.jpeg (88.36 KB, 825x1080, 1774077__artist needed_so….jpeg)

Heck, there wasn't even a /mlp/ before the downhill of 4chan. Something doesn't add up.

oh I get it, this is the first board dedicated to MLP Generations 1-3 only


The janitors are insufferable faggots and they're into nohooves which says enough, one of them is a confirmed Sunset fag who runs the board like reddit. All the nohooves EQG fags are full reddit.

But Milky Way content is dead, even if she was allowed again on /mlp/ there's no way that it would be a return to form. Anonfilly already found a home on /mlpol/ where they are still active. Fluffy ponies went to shit once it hit /b/tier and was banned so nothing of value was lost. NSFW is already allowed on /mlpol/ and /pone/ but an open gate just means that it's open to the other nohooves fags with anthro and with it inferior human meat curtains. This board already has both kinds of cancer just like /trash/ so there's no benefit.


It isn't just about Milky, Anonfilly and fluffy ponies. It's about allowing things like that at all, as the next great pony meme isn't likely to come from a place where promising threads get torpedoed to oblivion and tossed into the ban pile.

/mlpol has ponies and real-life politics intermingled to the point that you can't enjoy the site unless you enjoy both. /trash/ has its few pony threads constantly pushed down by other threads as well, so out of those this board is the only one entirely dedicated to ponies and pony accessories.


>next great pony meme
That's a dead dream, the fandom golden years are over, there's no newblood, it's stabilized but a shell of what it used to be, most contributors in the fandom have moved on and allowing (pre scruff) shitposts like HI ANON again arent going to bring them back.

>Promising threads

Like what, greentext prompts which can flood the catalog with single sentences? Without writers or drawfags, prompts are likely to be worthless ponychan roleplaying. Or how about those futa-sfm threads that get axed which would stay up here.

Why dont you look through the deleted threads and see if you can tell me which are "promising"

There's already been boards that have clop and it did nothing beyond inflate PPH with dumps. Look at this site and it's the same shit that's already failed countless times, when people get bored of dumps it will die too if it has nothing else to offer especially if you arent going to do something about the redditor infestation of EQGarbage. poni.fun has really low QoL features than /mlpol/ or /pone/ so there's even less of a reason to migrate.

>Few pony threads constantly pushed down by other threads as well,

One of the reasons people even use /mlp/ at all is because of the archives which allowed years worth of posts and threads to be built up that can be referenced. even /trash/ allows people to easily link to old dead posts/threads so nobody there ever cared if they're short lived.


File: 1550009471310.png (15.05 KB, 728x90, ponifun derpibooru banner.png)

What font would look less dull and official? I'm trying to make some kind of prototype of a derpibooru ad, but I need something to make the texts look less drab without being hard to read.


It's pretty clear at this moment that admin doesn't want to build any board culture here, but just see that sweet sweet users & post counters go up, through whatever means it takes to achieve so. Maybe his peepee is raising alongside those statistics too, who knows.


>>444 It still looks cool, even with it being official-looking. Maybe the MLP font for the "pony" in the My Little Pony logo would work.


File: 1550012379708.jpg (31.77 KB, 550x550, fc,550x550,navy.u1.jpg)

Are you from 8chan? That attitude of "stop trying and let our fandom die" is exactly why it failed as a 4chan's successor. I know the chances are slim, but if it's the best chance we got it's darn well worth the try.

I'd prefer discussions over dumps too. I'd presume the people who came here from 4chan are enjoying their freedom to post pony porn for the first time in years, but hopefully more disucssions and content creation threads eventually arise form it as well.


File: 1550012490498.png (170.22 KB, 309x448, Hi Anon!.png)

Oh you want HI ANON?



Worked on me, fwiw. Sorry.


And me


File: 1550078057428.png (545.55 KB, 1377x1104, 1550025327271.png)

Hopefully Pallyanon is welcomed here. :[


What/Who's Pallyanon?



Pallyanon was an a person who posted a thread last night on /mlp/ about their OC Pally. I guess to put it in simple terms

>pony named Pally wanted friends

>was "designed" to be the best friend
>needs a heart
>has a gaping wound leaking shadows in her chest
>roll for heart
>pony-shaped form inside her chest

^ This may sound odd at first but the thread itself was really interesting. Sadly after a few hours of it being up, it was taken down by either mods or janitors with the help of rulefags.

Hopefully I dont get in trouble for this but heres an archive of the thread. Enjoy





File: 1550084221440.png (971.35 KB, 1030x1200, 1891655.png)

Absolutely! Welcome new pony friend!

Yep, this is precisely why this board was created. Tell your friends there's a place where good things are allowed!


came from the thread in reaction to that one. I didn't have any attachment to that thread but I'm similarly tired of that shit. Only thing this place is missing is the community behind my particular waifu thread; but I can tell already that this place is much more fun than /mlp/ because it's less than 60% shitposters.


>Hopefully I dont get in trouble for this
This is exactly the kind of bullshit killjoy mentality that the moderation on 4chan has been causing to fester the cancer that has been killing our fandom (at least on the chan side of things). No blame on you anon, but we need to figure out how to kill this feeling in posters and make them feel free to post again like in old times. That's the whole point of the board, and I'd say it's promising. To the doomposters, sure, there may not be the same activity as back in the day, but there's enough, and that's worth fighting for.



I agree, this place is far better then /mlp/ so far. It just needs as much people and in due time it'll become popular.


Yea man =/ Like I'm a newfag so that was my first time ever i've seen a amazing thread get 404'ed live. Like I was there from beginning to end!
Its only been four days since I started 4chan and after what happened on the 12th during that night, I started to understand why people have a love and hate relationship with /mlp/ and 4chan in general.

I'm just hoping pallyanon moves here if things go south in /mlpol/.


File: 1550127651463.png (1.25 MB, 2728x2635, 1549943098990.png)

>Like I'm a newfag
Welcome. Here's another example for you, 4ch has the >newfags gtfo ree mentality, which is understandable since many refuse to integrate to the board culture and end up making it hugbox leddit 2.0. But the vitality of the fandom depends on the people in it, so I say new people should be encouraged. Just don't be a pussy and you'll fit in fine :^)

/mlp/ is a love hate for sure. This place has promise, we just need to get people to shift over. Hopefully hiroshimoot will do half the work for us. I joined the fandom in 2011 and started browsing /mlp/ in 2016, and it's only declined since. But after learning and improving from the past, we shouldn't dwell on the past since at a certain point it will only bring us down.


I am a writefag from /mlpol/. Will most likely post on it as it is my main board but will post what i post here here.


File: 1550170012035.jpeg (86.14 KB, 750x937, 1565582.jpeg)



And it was deleted because of the insufferable rulefag who is also an EQGarbage fag calling /mlp/ users 'furries'.

Still think that they belong here and shouldnt be banned on sight so they cant subvert and trash the community with leddit janitor dicksucking, safespace reports, constant low effort spam and anti-pony raids like they do everywhere? Want another example? EQGarbage rulefags came from /a/ /tv/ and /co/ to try to get people banned for 'racism' because people didnt like that Rainbowdash Humanized was drawn as a nigger.


An interesting dilemma. I'm all for pony only, but also heavy handed moderation can descend into tyranny as in the case of /mlp/. (Though I think the intention is different, since this place is run by and for fans unlike chan.) Maybe a containment thread could work, but I think it breaks some of the 'feeling' of having a pony-only board. There's also the question of humanized aside from eqg, which hardly exists anymore but still.


The humanized meme was never meant to serve as a gateway for an offsite infestation that insists it's better, it was just a what-if reversal of ponifications for everything. The trend is long over with but they keep posting it only to piss off people and insist if you hate anything nohooves aka EQG or by proxy humanized, even if its spam then you're a furry, and if pony gets posted in humanized then you're a furry too.


Unironically into 3dpd

Always bringing in their reddit buddies every where they go, thinking they're in good company and try to subvert the community, or just leave low effort spam around like on /pone/ or /mlpol/. When criticism pops up on /mlp/ they're ready to spam reports. They make 'human' threads and posts to shitpost whereever they go, which is obvious because the threads are always dead zones, propped up by last minute bumps. It's fairly clear they're incompatible with a pony-board's culture so I don't see it as a dilemma to ban them because they've acted like invading SJWs and spread their trash like a diseased rapefugee.


>unironically ((hasdrones)) trying to kill the fandom
hey I believe it


File: 1550675887609.png (150.55 KB, 395x404, 563958.png)

I just got a four day ban from 4chan for ban evasion. Kind of like getting arrested for resisting arrest.

Guess I'll be hanging here for now. Post more to that board so anons know where to come, it's not like you could avoid getting banned there anyway!


File: 1551574210542.png (2.46 MB, 2577x1600, 619567.png)

Getting a board like this running would take a lot of people coming in at the same time. Like online games have a release date, this place would gain a lot more momentum if people came to check it out at once rather than one by one. Getting people to agree a date to congregate here shouldn't be any harder than organizing a raid, as long as we got the word out.
That's the hard part though, as 4chan's censorship means mentions of other sites get deleted after a while and their posters banned.

Sneaking poni ads into /mlp/ is still good, but we need a rush of new users instead of a trickle. What do you think?


This place needs a contest to bring people from all over the world of pony sites together.


File: 1551726495569.png (1.15 MB, 1180x960, 1639365.png)

The main thing is bringing people from 4chan here - they're the most oppressed ones that need to be set free. Although ponychan seems like another place where there's no real place for certain kinds of content, so maybe they'd like using this board for nsfw stuff too.

This definitely seems worth trying. Poll time: What would be the best date for an official grand opening?


A grand opening would be nothing without a significant update to the site I think, or some sort of event.


My tech friend can probably make new features and other updates if we can come up with what the site needs. An event sounds good too, so that's another thing I'll be taking requests for.

What does everyone have to suggest, for updates, events or other ideas to make the grand opening work?


You know what would be great? A non-cucked non-corrupt Equestria Daily kind of site.
And a dedicated Writer's Board where writing can be discussed.
And a separate Feedback Board where art/fics/vids/etc can be posted, and feedback is given on the posted things.


I tried to keep everything on one board, because sites with multiple boards tend to end up spreading their content too thin.

Equestria Daily style site sounds like a lot of work. I have no idea how to get enough dedicated reporters to maintain a news site.


We don't really need reporters. We just need one guy willing to say "This is a good pony thing" every day or seven.


>What would be the best date for an official grand opening?
3rd January 2019


Too much porn and barely any discussion, so why would anyone come here? You built a /trash/fire, like holy shit it's 90% of the board.


File: 1552641535078.png (732.61 KB, 4136x2488, 1593386.png)

Start a new conversation! I fully agree that's what this site needs, but there are inevitably going to be threads you don't personally like as well. It's the price of freedom, and imho much better than arbitrary moderation.


File: 1552876915591.png (345.06 KB, 966x939, 1987490.png)

I'm excited to start making ads and building hype for the grand opening already. Would some weekend in June be a good time to hold it when the most people have the most time in their hands? That would also give us two months to spread the word.


I made a thread about the fanfic I'm working on.


File: 1553038173333.png (542.31 KB, 1920x1440, 1678496.png)

First of June seems to be a saturday, so that would be both a weekend and an easy day to remember. On the other hand, seventh of june would place the Grand Opening on a Friday, allowing our new guests to start posting right away after their working week is over. I'd support the Friday opening for that, but let's give time for one more round of suggestions before setting the date for any promo material.


File: 1553208527463.png (609.21 KB, 1280x1611, 1739893.png)

Most people have other things to do during weekends. 6.6. would be a thursday, and a more memorable day too since it means the same date whether you're using the European or American way of typing dates.


File: 1553528274691.png (375.58 KB, 623x400, 854207.png)

It is settled, the Grand Opening will be on 6th of June, or 6.6. The site will keep operating normally until then, the date is just the official "this is when everyone joins in simultaneously" date to kickstart the board activity.

Looks like we'll have to start advertising the site fast though. After the New Zealand incident the leftists have started cracking down hard on freedom of speech, and some countries already can't even access 4chan or 8chan anymore. Start getting the word out while the people can still listen!


too bad the server is in EU and y'all gonna be in copyright jail before then


>After the New Zealand incident the leftists have started cracking down hard on freedom of speech, and some countries already can't even access 4chan or 8chan anymore. Start getting the word out while the people can still listen!
And the illusion that this site isn't /pol/ in disguise go out of the window.

>the Grand Opening will be on 6th of June, or 6.6. The site will keep operating normally until then, the date is just the official "this is when everyone joins in simultaneously" date to kickstart the board activity.

The cope level is off the charts. Imagine thinking that setting a virtual opening date on which nothing happens is suddenly going to bring any more users to your pathetic site.
It will flop again just like it flopped on the first opening


File: 1553783082201.png (513.72 KB, 700x751, 1668689.png)

Are you the same 8chan fag responsible for all the "Found a nit to pick, time to leave everyone!" posts here? Your strategy of digging for grievances and presenting them as collectives dealbreakers is getting disturbingly transparent. Just go back to killing your own site, or are you worried about the fandom surviving elsewhere?

The problem with the first opening was that it wasn't even announced. The site came first, then it was mentioned to for a few people before the posts got deleted, and when those people came in individually and saw no one else, they left because they were the only ones here at the time. The grand opening is more like a Finnish pussikaljamiitti, setting up an agreed time so everyone interested will be at the same place at the same time. Do you have better ideas, or do you think we should just lament our fate and take it up the ass?


Epic "everyone who doesn't agree with me is the same person". Do you have persecution complex?

>The first opening wasn't even announced

so people magically popped out of nowhere on your site then?

>and when those people came in individually and saw no one else, they left because they were the only ones here

just like the 6.6 grand re-opening lmao


>>The first opening wasn't even announced
>so people magically popped out of nowhere on your site then?
I'll take "Tard who doesn't know the difference between a proper grand opening and a site being made by one dude with like 5 friends on Discord" for two hundred dollars.


>a proper grand opening
So not anything like the 6.6, got it.

>a site being made by one dude with like 5 friends on Discord

Well thanks for clearing up who you made the site in mind with.
nice backpedalling on all the shilling on chans you did too


your cognitive dissonance is incredible


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