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So, there's the discussion over which character would win in a versus, constantly talking about raw magical power but i think there's more to it than that.
Magical power, strategical abilities, combat skills and magical knowledge and thus the ability to actually harness said knowledge.
For example; let's look at Twilight vs. Starlight:

Both have about the same magical raw power, probably because Twilight stopped training once she turned into an Alicorn, getting stuck in what i like to call; The highest unicorn magical level or "HUL".
However Starlight seems to be an slightly better strategist as seen in S7 finale.
Their magical knowledge seems about the same.
Thus; Starlight wins and shiet.
Try out some of these.


Calling Starlight a strategist is an overstatement. Starlight isn't smart, she's a reality-warping abberation called a Mary Sue. Twilight's magic might be the strongest, but Sue gets to have stronger magic with no explanation even though it makes no sense.


>Both have about the same magical raw power
Imagine being this delusional.


I assume that Twilight did not trained after turning into an Alicorn, which is very plausible, and that turning into an Alicorn just unleash your potential, not exacly giving you a power-up.

I don't like Gimm, just trying to make sense over her magic.


File: 1550139593787.jpg (307.32 KB, 1052x1149, 12637.jpg)

Twilight must be more powerful since she's an alicorn, but she definitely hasn't been learning as much combat magic. She didn't even know about curses back in Bridle Gossip, most probably because Celestia was more careful about what to teach her after what happened with Sunset Shimmer.


>Their magical knowledge seems about the same.
Lmao have you lost your mind? Twilight's broad and strong theoretical magic background and her formal approach is way beyond Glimmer's reach. Glimmer, while somehow passionate about magic, is a lazy bitch and can only work having strong emotional drive. Twilight is a true, hard working passionate and such people are always superior in the long run.

She's not primarily a warhorse, yet her general potential made her able to fight on par with Glimmer, who has been training and preparing specifically for her assault in Cutie Re-Marks. Twilight could catch up on that few combat tricks in no time, but she doesn't have to, as her experience in the field of magic of friendship which field she basically founded just gets the job done.


Twilight is a genius, a magically gifted prodigy, and she's read fucktons of books. She literally knows every trick in the book.
She was taught magic by Celestia's finest school.
Her brother was the captain of the Royal Guard, now he's fucking an Alicorn, and his shields are enough to shield megacities.
She's forced to act OOC by the writers and stick to flying and lasers when she fights Glimmer because the writers didn't want Twilight to instantly copy Glimmer's timewarp spell upon seeing it, use it to rewrite Glimmer's past (While Glimmer's busy fucking up RD) and drag current glimmer into a world where Good Glimmer just spent years training to stop real evil Glimmer, and trap them in a slightly-uneven stalemate Twilight wins by summoning a Cockatrice and having it turn Evil Glimmer to stone.
Then recasting Timewarp, taking Evil Stone Glimmer and herself into the past, and setting the timeline right while putting Glimmer on a better path and leaving evil glimmer in Celestia's back garden.


>reality warping abberation
Nice to know the low functioning autist, Nigel has joined the board to shit it up already.


He's 100% right.


Twi's knowledge is generalised, while Gimmer's it's more focused on actually useful spells.
Although, i agree that Twi should've been able to do way better against Starlight's time-travel spell, but plot armor kicked in.
Then she would've had no problems dealing with Glimmer despite her lack of combat skills and combat magical knowledge, remember Trixie.


And i'll like to point out, that i think Sunset would have an easy time dealing with either of them.

Her strategical skills are way better than any of both and She's kinda combat focused.

Although am not sure how much her magical strength has been compromised.



…could you go write for the show forever?


File: 1550260928306.jpg (125.31 KB, 1050x761, ca45e4bb0fe3ad857295d4bafc….jpg)

Is the pony of shadows the most powerful being we've seen? He needed two generations of the elements to get banished. Definately not a good strategist tho, or even a good character tbh.


>I don't like Gimm, just trying to make sense over her magic.
You're looking at this from a Watsonian perspective, not a Doylist one.
Faust and her writer friends were kicked off this show ages ago. The stories they wanted to tell with these characters will go untold, and low-effort freelancers under the command of egotistical tards who keep embarassing themselves on Twitter (Miller, Vogel, Haber) are writing pony stories in their place.
Viewership of MLP dropped, so they introduced a new character. A knockoff of Sunset Glimmer who takes inspiration from Amon and Every Time Travel Villain Ever in the villain department before becoming a "Hero".
Trixie is brought back, just so they can whinily snark with each other about how much it sucks that some fans don't love them like their fanboys do.
It's bad writing.
If you want to make sense of it, pretend the real cast of MLP got noticed by a TV show producer who made a show based on their adventures. Then executive meddling ruined the show, and the real Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are the only ones who still watch this show. They watch it to laugh at how bad it's gotten, while everypony else dropped it.


Don't try to reason with redditor hclegend over here, he thinks every critic of Glimmer is nigel from 4/mlp/.


File: 1550761702455.jpg (174.25 KB, 1358x766, Starswirl the wizard.jpg)

It's more likely that the Pony of Shadows is the only villain they've tried to get rid of with brute force. Starswirl may be more learned than Twilight but also more single-minded, as evident by how his first and only plan was to sacrifice the elements of harmony although Twilight could come up with a better plan with a little studying.


Well yeah, you pretty much nailed it, however, i must point out that my intentions were not an attempt to justify the writers awful work with Glimm. Although it indirectly did.


I getcha.


Also, i'll like to talk about Sci-Twi being EQG's Glimmer. Her magic tracking/stealing device which was created effortlessly by her; it's the single most effective magic absorbing method, Tirek couldn't absorb magic from those around his own level, and the Dazzlings needed to psychologically screwed them (which is more badass by the way), while Twi's device could just absord magic with no limitations.
It's important to note that the human world tech could not stand a chance against equestrian magic, as quoted by princess luna, so it is on Twi, not in the tech.

That said, all you have to add into the mix is how some writers are not satisfied enough with elevating Sci-Twi to Pone Twilight, replacing her in EQG and even giving her wing, but they are also attempting to push her as the new protagonist replacing Sunset.


File: 1550796083097.jpg (1.79 MB, 1280x2321, 1117711__safe_screencap_sc….jpg)



You know what pisses me off about EQG?
This is "The human world", only with pony characters in it. AU human versions of the characters.
Who knows how their lives have been changed by the lack of magic? Not us, because Hasbro isn't interested in selling us a spinoff. EQG is just another toyline to this company, like Spy Outfit Barbie. But what they've got here is a chance to truly expand MLP's lore and write what could be an entertaining show! Come on, who wouldn't want a show about Sunset helping her friend of the week with problems while some magical Todd and the Book of Pure Evil bullshit happens and she investigates that too.
I hated Sunset in the first movie, but the second redeemed her, and the entire EQG concept.
So it pisses me off that the concept got squandered so badly after this.
Sunset is kind, mature, empathetic, and a good candidate for protagonist.
But she wants to hand the main character role over to Sci-Twi, who everypony sees as an inferior version of the real Twilight. They're all "Just accept and embrace the magic and be like the real Twilight", while ignoring that the darkness within SciTwi is something the real Twilight (Probably?) never had to deal with.
Sunset wants Scitwi to be like Twilight and become the new main character.
Sunset Shimmer is a good protagonist. Sci-Twi could be a good protagonist after a lot of character development, but she's better suited to a support role. Everything that makes SciTwi different from the real deal is something that makes her a worse protag than the real deal, so you can't make Scitwi more like Twilight without erasing her individuality.
The writers aren't allowed to address this, apparently, so the two characters are stuck in an infinite loop. Shimmer wants Twilight to be like Sparkle and overcome her darkness, SciTwi doesn't want to go anywhere near her darkness and isn't ready to overcome it, but neither wants to say anything about this on-air because they're "Just kid's show characters".
It's an infinite loop that could easily be broken by a single emotionally-resonant scene.
The writers need to do a scene where SciTwi's darkness mocks Scitwi and is all "Your friends don't love you. They love the alternate-universe horse version of you, and wish you were more like her!" for a while.
Then some fucking plot bullshit happens, they're fighting some loser who got cursed by an evil magic book, it doesn't matter.
But at the big emotional bit, Scitwi goes "That is it! I'm not 'The sciencey Twilight', I am Twilight Sparkle! I am me! Nopony else!" and then she goes inside her head and faces her shadow and gets a new Princess Of Science form that's got tron lines on her pointy wings and the power to create tech Generator Rex style or some bullshit. Then she defeats the bad guy her own way, with laser beams and explosions and "I deduced that your super hard skin is made of carbon so I made it into pencil lead lol" alchemy shit.


File: 1551070137668.png (362.43 KB, 1600x1860, 1549857147940.png)

I feel like am talking with the same anon, every time i bring this up, i get the infinite loop thing, is that you? not complaining, it's just funny.
Yeah, they have managed Sci-Twi really badly, despite having two movies for her, the first of which actually used to had a Sunset's arc but it had to be cut out in order to focus on Twi; i struggle to see any real development of even a 3D personality, let alone the character by itself.
Also, it's really gruesome that they separated Sci-Twi from Midnight, it was much more interesting when Midnight was the "screw your optics, am going in." mental state of Twi.

>Everything that makes SciTwi different from the real deal is something that makes her a worse protag than the real deal.



File: 1551262191521.jpeg (88.19 KB, 500x562, 1642669.jpeg)

>Everything that makes SciTwi different from the real deal is something that makes her a worse protag than the real deal.
This is surprisingly true.

She did however make the best villain, for a brief time at least. After being treated like dirt by pretty much everyone, you can't say the power to rip the world asunder went into her head but rather let her do what she'd most likely dreamed of for a long time by then. And when Sunset Shimmer tried to apologize to her, it must have seemed pretentious as fuck when she'd try to be her friend only after she got the power to destroy the world. She was a perfect example of a villain that wasn't even evil, but simply had no sympathy left for the world.

Her fear of turning into Midnight Sparkle again makes sense too. It seems to me like the only reason she went back to being nice is because she lost the powers, not because she wanted to. She's trying to repent her actions because it's how to get forgiveness, but she knows that if given the chance she'd try destroying the world again.

At least that's my take on the character. Also, the scene after her defeat where she hesitated to take Sunset's hand is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.


I actually don't think she was a bad character at her first movie, i still watch "unleash the magic" to this day, the fact that she got so much shit from the world that she lost any sympathy for it and went berserk was awesome, while not the best villain for me (Adagio was a fucking monster.). I was alright with the character at that point.
But all that interesting stuff got nuked in the fourth movie, that's why i like Friendship Games over The Legend Of Everfree.



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