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File: 1550063411226.png (233.53 KB, 1280x720, large (18).png)


This is a roleplay thread

All you have to do is use a pony to roleplay as example "Fluttershy".

Remember tho, this is a lewd roleplay say have fun fucking around! ;)


File: 1550076358438.png (177.34 KB, 505x520, 654990.png)

I'm in. What system are we using?


Super Nintendo Entertainment System! :D


File: 1550085194330.png (564.58 KB, 1295x1050, 1952153.png)

FYI: if you want to throw dice, just put the amount of dice and their size in brackets. For example, 2d6 results in: 2d6[ 2d6 = 5 ]

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