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Like the title said. Now let's get this story going…

It was the dawn of a beautiful new day in Equestria.


Anon woke up in Equestria.


So did Twilight.


They both turned and looked at each other, surprised to see the other here in Equestria.


Princess Celestia also woke up and looked on them and on the rising sun in astonishment.


Anon was petrified by fear and confusion, with no idea how his last nights mescaline trip had led to him sharing a bed with two strange, big-eyed horses.


Said horses then had their way with anon.


After a sweaty romp, Celestia lit a bubble-pipe and turned to Twilight: "So, my faithful student, what did you learn from this experience?"


Twilight smiled at her teacher. "I learned that what we just did was the best experience I have ever gone through!"


She turned to Anon, winking. "Thanks, Anon!"


"Y-you too" responded Anon, still exhausted from the experience.


Twilight smiled, then laid her head on Anon's chest. "I hope you enjoyed it!"


"So uh… how do I get home?" Anon finally asked.


Celestia walked up to him. "I can help you with that," she said.


…the last thing Anon remembers was Celestia's horn lighting up with an exaggerated wink, and Twilight giggling.


When Anon wakes up, he's back in his room. "Did… did that really just happen?" he wonders to himself.


"No," he realized, and started to cry.


Suddenly, Anon felt a nudge from under the covers. He lifted it up to find Twilight in front of him, smiling. "Celestia sent me to spend some time with you!" She smiled again.


"It was more than one sentence" - murmured Anon, just before vomiting on himself and falling asleep again.


Twilight gasped. "Anon?! Are you okay?!" She jumped off your bed and started trotting nervously. "I- oh." She heard Anon's snores. "He's just asleep."


>ITT: We write a story one sentence at a time


Looking around Anon's room, she couldn't help but wonder what all those scantily glad figurines on his shelves were for.


She levitated one over to her and inspected it carefully.


"Looks like only the males wear as much clothes as Anon in this world" she deduced.


Twilight levitated the figurine back on the shelf. "I wonder why that is?"


Then she woke up, alone in her library.


Twilight blinked. "Wait, that was all just a dream?"


It's a good thing that one thing doesn't lead to the next, she thought.


Everybody knows that if you establish something, you must immediately discard it, otherwise one could think that there was a point to it.


and what fun is there in making sense.


File: 1550306962796.png (429.42 KB, 2000x2500, discord_and_twilight_by_pe….png)

Then Discord was assaulted by a barrage of books in the face by none other than Twilight who was sick of his shit.


File: 1550338345646.jpg (70.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)


Discord was suffocated to death by the pile of draconiquis-killing magical books as Twilight thought to herself "good riddance of that worthless meddling filthy no-hoofs trash".

(I wasnt paying attention feel free to disregard this event …or not)


Having been witness to the death of his favorite chaos god (also the primary facility of smuggling equestrian kush) Anon angrily began picking up manga off the colossal pile of books and fumingly slotting them back in their places on the shelf.


A book was pushed hard into its place in the shelf and then Anon heard a click sound comming from behind the shelf.


"Oh shit oh shit oh shit, not while Twilight's here!" thought Anon as the door to his secret chamber started opening.


Anon spun around on his heels; Twilight… was not looking in his direction.


She was bending down to look at the scattered hentai, apparently trying to decipher the Japanese language with no prior knowledge and glazing over the naked ladies with unrealistic proportions.


One of these voluptuous woman was pointed at by Twilight as she turned her face towards Anon and said: "Are these creatures human like you Anon?"


Leaning against the bookshelf to keep the secret door closed, Anon replied: "Yes! They're just japanese."


She nodded before she turned back her attention to the page with the picture and said, "What do they use those gaint meat jugs for?"

Lol, I didn't think about that. What I really meant was that Twilight, who has never seen another human before (perhaps), wouldn't know what a woman was since she has only see Anon.






You can only blame yourself for not contributing.

"Um… fashion?" Anon suggested, clumps of spaghetti falling from his pockets with wet plops.


With her magic, she turned the page and on the next one was picture displaying a man, similar to Anon in fact, but in the middle of "serving" one of the "japanese".


"Uh, there's… more books in the kitchen you should like" Anon stammered, trying to steer Twilight's attention away from the magazine.


"Anon, what is up with this picture!" Twilight said as she looked at anon with a frown on her face, which changed into one of shock as she saw that one of her bookshelves had moved to the side and there was now a doorway there, which Anon desperately tried to cover with his body.



"It's a guy thing, ok?" Anon cried out, not sure himself whether he was talking about the magazine or the secret room.


Rolling her eyes, Twilight tried to slip pass Anon into the secret chamber but Anon blocked her way so she stared at him with frown, "Move it!"


"It's just dirty socks- I mean laundry!"


Twilight gave anon a silencing glare, removing a small case from her saddlebag. "You see anon, I wasn't sent here just to 'spend time with you'; I was sent because I'm a member of…"


Twilight's frown changed into a knowing look, "Oh, you poor thing! You can borrow my washing-machine instead you know."


Celestia woke up and caught a pedophile rapist kid Sunset Shimmer.


"Sunset Shimmer, I'm not a fan of pedophiles either, but tricking them into sodomy traps isn't healthy for a filly like you!"


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


File: 1551260682237.png (125.08 KB, 1138x1024, large.png)

The priest prayed, trying to distract himself from Sunset's iron dildo in his ass.


It reminded him of the time he was molested by a Pikachu.


That had not been fun. AT ALL.


Still, it was comparatively better than the time he'd been molested by a male Gardevoir.


Compared to the average day in the catholic church, this little horse pounding him in the pooper wasn't actually all that bad.


"When I grow up, I'm gonna go to the human world to abuse teenagers myself!" Sunset Shimmer stated cheerfully.

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