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To make (site name) feel more like the show's Ponyville I decided to put my threads into categories themed after different places found in the show's Ponyville for now on, that being said let me give you the rundown

1. Golden Oak Library
Threads under this title will serve the purpose of teaching you spells, any of your choosing from my vast collection of spells from my old days studying wizardry, however due to lack of popularity with this subject matter I will leave it to you to post this thread when and if you have a spell you want, when you do just post a thread asking for a list of spells you want and title the thread "golden oak library".

2. Sugarcube Corner
Got a sweet tooth or other craving? well books of spells aren't the only books in my collection, come on in to this thread and I'll have delicious recipes to offer you, ask me for one and I'll see what I got.

3. Sweet Apple Acres

4. Cloudsdale

5. Carousel Boutique
Pop culture thread.

6. Sweetie Belle's bedroom
This will be acting the part of my old Saturday morning cartoon lineup thread from another site, the idea being the CMC rushing home from school to watch Toonami.

7. Fluttershy's Cottage
This will be taking the place of what was formerly my "what if" thread series and "tea time" threads from another site.

8. Town Hall
The purpose of this thread is to discuss what sorts of threads you'd like to see in the future following the given theme and due to complications in the past this will be the only thread of mine I'll actually be engaging in conversation in, so if there's something you'd like to discuss with me given the set plan just bump this thread or if no longer bumpable make a new one with the same title.



Cloudsdale could be for smut.

Because that rain had to cum from somewhere.


Sweet Apple Acres could be for "Suggestive" stuff

Because Suggestive is Sweet but not Explicit


Which board is the fanfiction board?

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