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>This kind of content is allowed?
Nope. Drawn loli is legal in Finland, but that is something too many other countries could get you in trouble for. I don't want to get anyone in trouble for viewing this site.


>server is hosted in France
Finnish law has nothing to do with here


The internet is everywhere, not just France and Finland


try disobeying French laws on Derpi then, see how mods react, you dense namefag


I'm not actually a mod, Anon. It means Mod of My Account. I'm not a Derpi or /poni/ mod. Chill.


Name field on this imageboard is reserved only for stuff like posting OC and RP threads.


Where the fuck did I imply you are a derpi or /poni/ mod? Seems like you just wanted to flaunt your special snowflakishness. Learn into proper reading, first, and then educate yourself on laws regarding content hosted on internet.


>you dense namefag
If not implied, then my mistake. Calm the f down.


> >This kind of content is allowed?
Who are you quoting?

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