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File: 1549969347406.png (68.21 KB, 1200x900, BDC1.png)


Let's get a new adventure going!

To get this started, we need to create the main character. Who is she? What does she look like? What is her personality? Pony type, hair, mane, everything is up to you so post your suggestions and I'll do my best to fulfill them.


Fat pink autistic earthpony.


File: 1549980442103.png (63.54 KB, 1200x900, BDC2.png)

Is this what you want? Ok then.

He/she still needs more details. What kind of eyes, mane and tail? What kind of personality? Name? Cutiemark? Hopes and dreams?


For more info on this, I noticed that CYOA's are a great way to generate more ideas for the pony spinoff idea I've been working on, so the game would start with our main character arriving in a young pony town on a new continent. You can decide his/her reason for traveling too.


Maybe light pink coat (b/c /poni/ background) and red hair (b/c color of name/email/subject on replies)? Like a /poni/ oc.


I should have mentioned earlier that the cyoa will be black and white, so the suggestions for them need to be more about their style and length than color.


Pig tail, pig ears, pig eyes, pony hooves. Friendly, happy, cringy phlegmatic.



dreams of not being fat, pink and autistic, which is why she went to a frontier town on a new continent, because adventure cures autism, starvation cures fat, and pink uh… she didn't think this through.


File: 1550511757344.png (159.64 KB, 1300x900, BDC3.png)

This plump little pony is just about to arrive in Ponyhaven, a small but idylic frontier town on the continent of Horseria. She wasn't the most adventurous of ponies, but from what she had read this should help her become a stronger, prettier and more self-confident pony. After all, all the heroes like Temple Delver or Dangersaddle were handsome and socially suave, so obviously an exciting adventure would make her a cool and not-awkward as well!

"We have arrived!" proclaims one of the sailors. "Welcome to Ponyhaven, miss…?"

What is her name? And what should she do once she gets off the boat?


miss Poni Fun



Drunken Dockworker

no wait I mean Poni Fun.

She should get away from spawn, so that spawn campers don't steal her initial equipment.


File: 1550523742097.png (180.84 KB, 1300x900, BDC4.png)

"Drunken Dockworker! I-I mean Poni Fun, you're the… sorry, I didn't mean you're… Uh, I gotta go before the spawncampers steal my stuff!"

Poni Fun waves a hasty farewell to the sailor and gallops out of the riverboat and into the streets of the town. This is just great, the first spaghetti meltdown of the trip, and she managed to get herself completely lost! Now what does she do?


File: 1550585658122.png (181.89 KB, 1300x900, BDC4.png)

(a small edit to the eyes to clarify that she's looking to the right with normal eyes, not to the left with slitted pupils.)


She should find a friend.


File: 1550594473609.png (82.18 KB, 1300x900, BDC5.png)

Ok, now this is the hardest part of adventuring; talking to strangers. There's somepony standing alone in front of Poni Fun, and he/she doesn't look busy with anything at the moment.

Who is this pony, and what do they look like? It's another character creation time, so throw in ideas for name, mane and tail styles, personality and so on.


Haughty, clever, pegasus, mare.


*harumph!* "I'm surrounded by idiots!" she mumbles as Poni approaches her from behind.

She still needs an appearance to be drawn.


Pretty mane, pretty tail, wings.


Pretty is a very wide and general term. What style of mane and tail?


File: 1551033649368.jpg (17.42 KB, 460x375, USStarshine.jpg)

The pretty kind, silly.

Why not a white pony with rainbow hair.


File: 1552315850485.png (633.6 KB, 1920x1074, 1856604.png)

Wait… Just how long has this thread been stuck on making a single character?

Mane and tail like Coco Pommel but curled at the end. Stern, professional looking eyes. Cutiemark is a perfect square.

There. Can we get this back on track now?


File: 1552387954701.png (154.2 KB, 1300x900, BDC6.png)

Poni gathers her confidence and speaks with the pegasus.

"Excuse me, could you help me?"
"I don't know. You haven't told me what you want yet.

Why was she talking to her again?


File: 1552464090420.jpg (510.68 KB, 2130x2347, 20190313_004840-1.jpg)

(I don't remember, i can't get the perfect square on her ass outta my mind. But, afriend for our currently lost protagonist, Poni.)

"I've lost my way," says Poni. "I'm Poni; I'm new here." Holds out hoof. "What's your name? What's fun to do around here?"


>"What's your name?"
She still needs one.


File: 1552961122702.jpg (5.34 MB, 4160x3120, 20190313_115852.jpg)

(Why is this thread dead? Ok fine, you all asked for this)

She shakes hoofs with Poni and answers, "Square Peg's the name, cuz i'm a bit of a rules nerd and cuz i like to, um," she pushes up her glasses as she nervously glances to the side. "What's fun to do around here? Do they have NSFW where you come from?"

Poni shakes head. Peg continues, "I know just the place! Cmon, follow me!" She becons, and Poni follows as they head out across the darkening streets.

Where is Peg taking our Poni?


File: 1553036502696.png (187.29 KB, 1300x900, BDC7.png)

Thanks for taking a turn, it's good to know I'm not alone with this. :)

Following Square Peg through a labyrinth of shortcuts, the two ponies arrive to a large wooden building.
"Behold, the post office!" chimes Peg as she pushes open the swinging doors.
"Is that the name of a saloon?" Poni asks, nervous about what she has gotten herself into.
"It's not just a name, it *is* the Ponyhaven's postal office." Peg corrects.

Poni hesitantly steps inside, noting three patrons and a barmaid… or a clerk? This is actually her first time in a bar. What does she do?


ask the barmaid about the other patrons

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