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File: 1549401993616.jpg (122.37 KB, 840x1024, IMG_5630.JPG)


Feel free to answer as many questions as you like, and leave your own for others to answer. Also introduce yourself to everypony!

Pony questions

1. When did you join the fandom
2. Favourite episode
3. Favourite season
4. Favourite main character
5. Favourite background character
6. Best princess
7. Best song
8. Do you read fan fiction, if so what kind
9. Favourite aspect of the fandom
10. Mystery question

IRL questions. Feel free to ignore these, if you're shy.

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Nationality
4. Do you read books, if so what kind
5. Mystery question

When replying simply use P for pony questions, and I for IRL questions.


File: 1549403776447.png (2.46 MB, 2700x1500, IMG_4371.PNG)

P1. I joined the fandom in February/March 2012, or season 2.
P2. I don't have a favourite episode, because there are simply too many good ones.
P3. Unfortunately the same as the last answer. All the seasons have really good, and really bad episodes. Although my least favourite is season 8.
P4. My favourite main character is Twilight. I'm sorry for the unoriginality. P.S. Starlight and rarity are also really good.
P5. This one should be obvious Because of my name. Lyra Heartstrings.
P6. Luna
P7. Smile, because it's the first mlp song I ever heard. I still get nostalgic feels whenever I hear it. https://youtube.com/watch?v=lQKaAlMNvm8
P8. Yes! I mostly read romantic comedies, slice of life, dark adventure, or human in equestria. I'm currently writing a clop fic that's just over 7k words done so far, and I'm expecting it to be 10-12k when it's done. I might send it here when it's done.
P9. Honestly just relaxing on the chans while talking to fellow fans of the show.
P10. I'm only attracted to ponies. No hooves are disgusting!

I1. 18
I2. cis male
I3. British
I4. I mostly read classical literature. The last proper book I read was Dorian Grey, which was unfortunately in December. I read way too much fan fiction, and not enough proper books.
I5. I'm 85-90% vegan. I unfortunately can't go full vegan because of serious IRL stuff.


File: 1549403791648.png (3.29 MB, 2070x2250, 1792057[1].png)

1. Somewhere during Season 1.
2. The Scare Master.
3. Season 2.
4. I'll have to say Applejack. She's the most dependable friend one could have.
5. Derpy. Next favourite would be Lyra.
6. Celestia is objectively the biggest and greatest pony.
7. This Day Aria
8. Yes, the most recent was Five Score Divided By Four. Fanfic recommendations would actually make for another good thread.
9. The tendency to take things so far, to overanalyze the source material so deep, and make so much brilliant content of the fandom. Games, songs, car paintings, tattoos… I don't know any other fandom that would be as creatively productive as the pony fandom!
10. Mystery answer

>IRL questions

1. 37
2. Man
3. Finnish
4. Scifi. Surprisingly much of it old scifi actually.
5. Mystery answer


File: 1549404814800.png (510.25 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0912.PNG)

>Celeatia is objectively the biggest and greatest pony


Luna is objectively the best princess, that's FINAL!

>Fan Fic recommendations

Make the thread. We need to get this chan rolling, so the more high quality posts/threads the better.


File: 1549413556835.png (412.88 KB, 1600x1128, SCIENCE.png)

Let's see what science has to say.


File: 1549428503788.png (786.17 KB, 1276x1280, 920211.png)

At the risk of derailing this into best girl arguments, I think you're a bit confused. This infographic should help you out.


File: 1549477343461.jpg (37.02 KB, 292x350, IMG_1284.JPG)

>implying that the biggest is the best

Bigger the pony, brighter the fireworks!



File: 1549484763269.jpeg (76.57 KB, 800x595, b8d.jpeg)


End of season 5, binge-watched the whole thing up to that point

Never joined the herd

Pinklestia no wait Big Mac is best Princess.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark because it's told in songs like a mini Le Miz. Any ep that makes me cry.

Cis-male pony cosplay crossdresser

What are these "books" of which you speak

What did you think of the movie, Minty?


File: 1549485574454.png (2.03 MB, 1800x3000, IMG_4131.PNG)


The last thing I read was Dorian Gery, and I read it in December. Unfortunately I read way too much fan fiction and nowhere near enough books.


>what did you think of the movie, Minty?

I loved it! It reminded me of 2013 when I watched the first equestria girls movie, on some scetchy website before it was out in cinemas. Because I did the same thing with the mlp movie.


File: 1549486238136.jpeg (85.25 KB, 768x1024, sig-4780785.large.jpeg)

I hope you watched it again in its fully glory, its crispy resolution deep colors and lavish animation really are awesome.

Books, eh, ok. I recommend Arms of Krupp by Manchester to you personally, will provide you with a lot of fascinating facts for your central Europe fascination.

Also Ancestor's Tale by Dawkins, a real eye-opener.


File: 1549486365338.jpg (35.07 KB, 500x330, IMG_4125.JPG)

I'll check those books out.

Also I watched to equestria girls movie a few weeks ago on Netflix.


File: 1549486446380.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_0913.PNG)

Why does the site remove my name every time I post?


>unironic namefags and tripfags
off to a great start I see


File: 1549520610189.jpg (29.67 KB, 474x553, 1549483507060.jpg)

Hush you.

But welcome!


exactly this
I'm out


Is namefagging really that serious a problem? I was going to allow it as long as it doesn't risk this place going the way of ponychan, but I guess I could disable it already just to be safe.


>as long as it doesn't risk this place going the way of ponychan
m8 they're already tryin
>If we're going to advertise on another chan I suggest we do it on ponyville.us.
>Advertise the site to your friends, and smaller more trusted community's
>We should wait until the sites more secure and has a moderation staff before we flood it with countless random people

if this keeps up you're going to end with ponychan 3.0 in no time


I'd like to see namefaggotry at least strongly discouraged if not completely banned. It could be allowed for specific reasons, like if posting oc. But that's just my two bits.


Yes, we definitely need more users than that, and more varied too. It's an alternative to the anonymous 4chan we're trying to create, and that needs a lot of fresh ponies.

I think OC is generally unique enough to speak for itself, and the posts could be signed in text when necessary. I'm afraid just discouraging it would create too many borderline cases of where it is or is not acceptable, plus many users wouldn't bother reading a code of conduct anyway.



Please explain whats wrong with namefagging.


File: 1549564178586.jpeg (64.43 KB, 900x1200, 1872157[1].jpeg)

Now that I checked, 4chan has a name field as well so apparently strongly discouraging its use is in fact enough. We'll reserve it for stuff like posting OC and RP threads, but not to be used without a good reason.

Phew, decision making is hard!


Yes, I'm not fan on forced anonymous either, leaving the field but strongly discouraging its use is the patrician choice.
Oh and don't forget avatarfagging.
Avatarfagging should be strongly frowned upon too.


Late 2014
None particular
None particular
None particular
None particular
None particular
Art, porn, and stories


Please tell me Human/Anon in Equestria will be banned from here. I think that will keep a lot of the cancer away. Banning /pol/ would go a long way as well. I love Trump, but his fanbase is…yeah…


File: 1549566165969.png (172.04 KB, 997x1024, large (2).png)

Did you even read the one line of rules? Already says not /b, /pol, or /blog

Do you mind explaining why?

I am not going to post without a name. I find anons to be disorienting but i do not impose my problem on others, but why should i lose myself in the sea of nameless posts when it disturbs me?

If no one explains this then perhaps this place is not a suitable home for a lost pony. Ponychan and ponyville are also not a home but I don't wish to impose.

As this may be my last post i want to be sure to mention that im happy this site seems to be doing well and i wish it the best. Long live poni.fun and its creator.


>already inciting a drama over people not sucking your tripcock
As if we need more reasons to stop tripfaggotry.
If you want to leave, just leave. Don't wave it around like it's something special or something that should be noted

>As this may be my last post

Good. Don't let the door hit you on your way out


File: 1549567555372.jpg (288.86 KB, 791x1024, IMG_5524.JPG)

This site has virtually no posters as it is, and you're encouraging people to leave.

Why don't you just mind your own business, rather than attacking one of seven people who know if this sites existence.


>I'm more important than other posters
ok this is epic


File: 1549568226639.png (1.52 MB, 3037x3498, 1953971[1].png)

I'm sorry. Most imageboard users like the anonymity because that way all posts get judged by their own merit instead of by who they were posted by. Sites that use names tend to form cliques and grudges, making them social playgrounds/battlefields where everyone knows everyone and treats each other accordingly. Anonymous boards are places where you can admit things you'd never admit to anyone, and others will respond to it honestly without social pressure to act as expected. That is the ideological principle behind anonymous imageboards.

I understand why you'd like to use names, but that doesn't work with the concept of this site. I wish you well, and hope that you'll still come to visit sometimes even if it was anonymously.

Hey, don't be a dick. That should be an universal rule, not board rule. There aren't many people on the board right now so it's already sad to lose anyone.


oops, I meant the last response to >>94


File: 1549568770347.jpg (16.73 KB, 199x253, IMG_5631.JPG)

I didn't claim that, stop being dishonest.

I don't want to argue, but I will defend myself against slander.


File: 1549569091931.png (463.99 KB, 900x615, IMG_4128.PNG)

Ok that's actually a really good argument. Fair enough, you've won me over. I'll continue to use this site as an Anon poster.

This is my last Minty post.

I kind of regret making this post before reading yours.


>There aren't many people on the board right now so it's already sad to lose anyone.
A site should prove its merits to users, not the other way around


File: 1549569838891.webm (21.84 KB, 507x415, gotta_go_fast.webm)

I feel posting with names does put off quite a few people, and namefags are already served pretty well by ponychan/ponyville/etc. So good choice, I guess.

To get back on topic, I'll try to reply to OP sometime soon.


Just because i lack capacity to converse without asserting my identity does not mean i think i am better than anyone. In fact i am less.

Posting anonymously also allows you to shirk responsibility to speak in a considerate manner.

Thank you. With this explanation i will think on this and see if i can find a way to conform. In truth, my name generally labels me as less than others because i am never "in" clicks.

The absolute most abhorrent thing to me is to make a place worse with my presence.

I just want to post pony and make pony friends.


File: 1549570239232.png (223.98 KB, 1000x800, 1936744[1].png)

Thank you for understanding. I'm glad to have you on board, no pun intended!


File: 1549571194584.png (1.74 MB, 854x1151, IMG_4089.PNG)

No problem, it's just a shame that I'll never get to know anyone personally on the site.


File: 1549571513150.png (926.28 KB, 1280x960, 1622498[1].png)

On anonymous sites everyone is your friend.


File: 1549571754186.jpg (155.32 KB, 800x908, IMG_1485.JPG)

Thank you Anon.

This place is quickly growing on me.


Actually, I do recall seeing that now.

Humans/Anon is still cancer though.


File: 1549609785148.png (1.07 MB, 1024x1024, large (3).png)

>growing on me

Aaaaah get it off get it off

Seems to be growing in general. I'm entirely dysfunctional about the unnamed posting though, occasionally i'll grope the wrong person entirely by mistake.

*bites your ass

Best Princess is Big Mac.


IRL name: Mary Kolodziej
IRL age: Fifteen
Some stuff I like to do: Watch TV, draw on MS paint, draw on paper, draw in general, post on Google plus, making MLP bases, and being random
Some shows I like: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Powerpuff Girls (1998 series), Codename: Kids Next Door, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Fairly OddParents, The Loud House, and Teen Titans (NOT Teen Titans Go!)
Some other stuff I like: 1970s music, anime, manga
I have OCD, ODD, and ADHD. I don't really like to talk about it so if you didn't know, yay! I was hoping for that.
And also, if you don't know what ODD is, it stands for Oppositional Defiance Disorder and isn't really a problem unless you're my father.
And now that you know this, don't worry. I'm the same person I've always been. Please don't cause shit over this. IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL.


Wtf? That's not me… I promise you that's not my answer to this


When did you join the fandom: Hiatus between Seasons 4 and 5
Favourite episode: Secrets and Pies
Favourite season: Season 7
Favourite main character: Fluttershy
Favourite background character: Lyra Heartstrings
Best princess: Princess Cadance
Best song: We're Not Flawless
Do you read fan fiction, if so what kind: Yes, I read fanfics, and any kind
Favourite aspect of the fandom: Memes :P
Mystery question: No, I don't clop. Usually.


File: 1550040800323.png (329.94 KB, 590x799, bubblesawake.png)

1. Fall Weather Friends was the first episode I had to wait to watch, I think. S1 definitely.
2. Slice of Life, duh
3. S2 I guess, though S7 was pretty good. Really there are only select episodes I don't like.
4. Apple Bloom
5. Bubbles!
6. Twilight Sparkle
7. "Equestria, the Land I Love" simple, poignant and heartfelt
8. My favorites are stories where humans get turned into ponies for one reason or another. Preferably with knowledge of the show.
9. Fanfiction, definitely. That and the music. Some magnificent art too.

1. 38
2. male
3. None.
4. I used to read books, but fanfiction is more diverse, and freer. Though if you can point me to the pony transformation section of the library, I'll probably be there for quite a while…
5. I've been trying to find a girlfriend for the past 26 years without any luck and I don't know why. I should fit right in here.


Kill all namefags


File: 1550043072512.png (219.83 KB, 584x296, 7896 - meme no_fun pinkame….png)


Oh totally, fan theories turning into epic works of art are the best. It's amazing really.


Namefagging is harmless. The site already has the rule not to use it for your personal blog, and that's the only bad thing namefags do, which anonfags do not.


You think Human/Anon in Equestria is cancer? This place already allows anthros, and Equestria Girls! Doesn't get more cancerous than that. There isn't even all that much stuff about Anon in Equestria. And yes, /pol/ is already banned.


How about you let people be dicks if they want, and stop being a passive aggressive hugboxer trying to love and tolerate your agenda into the rules for this board? The “ideology” of this board is My Little Pony fans talking about ponies, and has nothing to do with your ideology of forcing anon.

My tripcode doesn’t stop your posts from being judged by their own merit. Nobody can form a grudge against you because you’re anon. They can only form a grudge against me because I’m fucking asking for it. You can admit things you’d never admit to anyone, and others will respond to it (dishonestly) without social pressure, because they’ll be anon too. Any who respond with social pressure are doing it because they chose to put themselves on the spot. So stop complaining. It isn’t hurting you, and it isn’t hurting this board.

You can ban blogging, roleplaying, avatarfagging, even namefagging, but it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes.

Yeah that got way off topic.


What's your favorite memes?


>Hey, don't be a dick. That should be an universal rule, not board rule. There aren't many people on the board right now so it's already sad to lose anyone.
None is fit to be Anon save he who can brave the flames of hate


>They can only form a grudge against me because I’m fucking asking for it.
And it's not a place for that shit, go ask somewhere else.
>it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes
Well it would get rid of you.


File: 1550066491954.jpg (75.3 KB, 974x1029, 1550029016058.jpg)

Calm the fuck down, spergasaurus.

Welcome !deffy or whoever. It's great to have you here and maybe once you settle in you can try anon-posting, its really fuckin weird at first but it's actually kinda fun once you try it.
Signed, fellow tripfag


File: 1550070845406.png (153.15 KB, 846x1024, IMG_5664.PNG)

Hello! I'm OP, and a fellow namefag like yourself. I agree with much of what you've said, but I do have some major disagreements with you that I'd like to address.

First of all the honesty question. Now this Ines more complicated than namefag or none namefag. In my personal experience I'm completely laid back while posting anon, I can say literally whatever I want without facing serious social consequences. This means I can talk about things that I'd never tell most namefags or people IRL. The only problem is (this is as much of a plus as it is negative.) I can't go into detail about my feelings, and even if I do the person I'm talking to will be gone forever within a only a few posts.

This means I can tell fellow anons some of my deepest darkest secrets casually. Not make a scene out of it, just as apart of casual conversation. For example fetishes that could get me demonised around other IRL, or even in some cases namefags. There are a thousand other examples that I could also list off, that I can say here casually, but would feel extremely anxious if I said it anywhere else. And really it's not about revealing anything about myself, (I don't like causing drama, or derailing threads with my own personal drama, because that's not what's people come here for.) it's more about the attitude of casualness in the face of what should be extreme anxiety. I don't have to say anything, just the ability to say it without consequence is enough.

The only downside to this is that if your community becomes full of unempathetic people who take advantage of this the whole environment becomes toxic. It's like leaving a charity box completely unattended. One bad person can derail the good deeds of ten others by stealing all of the money, because they know they can get away with it. That's why you can only do it in certain communities, and you have to closely safe gaurd the box. Most people on here are refugees from /mlp/ where the whole box itself has practically been stolen. But this doesn't mean that everyone has to be identified at all times, as long as those who are caught taking advantage of our community are appropriately punished afterwards. I'm basically trying to say that there are downsides to anonymity, but for the most part they can be countered if the core is good and the mods are well intentioned.

Anyway I'm rambling. Let's get back to my previous point of relieving secrets, but this time we'll talk about my experience with namefags. You can't be as casual with namefags in the same way you can be with anons. It's like a weird limbo between IRL and complete anonymity. You can tell people things, but only to a certain extent. Because you have to keep track of absolutely everyone in the community and factor in their personality/persona. You can't say x to y because y doesn't like you and could use x against you, or you have to avoid x with y because x could offend y.

Not to mention there are things you won't say at all, especially if you plan to make that place a home. You become obsessed with maintaining a certain reputation, and twist your personality depending on who you're talking to. This isn't to say that you lie, but you omit certain things and tell half truths. There's nothing wrong with this, it's natural and what people do IRL as well. In fact it's probably a good sing of empty and understanding. You can't just talk how you want, when you want, about what you want to certain people. Because if you do, and you mess up consistently you can gain a bad reputation with, and in some cases even be completely excluded from all of your friends, again like IRL.

Many anons on the chans come here to escape IRL drama and social taboos. The last thing they want is to be constrained by another group through similar social pressures.

Although like with anonymity, it's not all one sided. You can as I've recently experienced with this anon >>530 (who is anything but an anon to me.) develop a strong relationship with a namefag, where you're not only not afraid of sharing anything, but actively want to share everything about yourself. You can find those kind of relationships with namefags, but not everyone is lucky enough to find it. Most are stuck in the petty interpersonal drama of ponychan, ponyville.us, or IRL. People are just want someone who they can be honest to. For some that's a special namefag, but for many that's a particular kind anon, or just a chan in general.

To summarise my point, both have there downsides and upsides. But you should respect the rules and culture of either while using said site, as to not make the environment toxic for others.


My favorite memes are I Didn't Listen, I Mean I See, and Hi Anon :)


All true.
People who aren't worth having a friend usually also can't contribute anything valuable to an anonymous community.


Friendship is magic and our tripcodes make us special



>being dicks makes us speshul


File: 1550192226575.png (412.88 KB, 403x603, 914375__safe_meme_apple bl….png)


I anonposted for years, never liked it much. It's a waste of life, like throwing food away, because someone told you they were offended at you eating it.


I don't run the site, and even if I did, I wouldn't force you to use a tripcode. You are claiming you do run this site, and that I must obey your rules and culture. I don't care if you're arguing for or against anon, that's kind of fucked up, and you should stop pretending there's this great ancient culture of ye olde anons who lived in a golden paradise where no one was ever allowed to use tripcodes.

And any of your fellow anons who agree with you are sockpuppets until you prove otherwise.


♥ Hi Anon.


File: 1550218540385.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, IMG_0915.PNG)

I don't rum the site, however I have a friend who is friends with the guy who runs this site. When did I claim that I ran poni.fun.

All I was saying is that you should respect the culture of whatever chan you're using, not try to change it. There are plenty of namefag chans for people like me and you who prefer it. So why chamge the culture here, when you can simply move to somewhere more accommodating.

I'll Sen you some links, I suggest you check them out.





File: 1550218682265.jpg (662.1 KB, 1500x1100, IMG_4101.JPG)

Fuck, I accidentally namefaged in my post complaining about namefags.

That just shows you how much of a namefag I really am.



>You are claiming you do run this site
No, he doesn't, you retard.
>And any of your fellow anons who agree with you are sockpuppets until you prove otherwise.
I have been lurking for 7 years, always choosing a place without tripfags, and I used to reveal my secrets to others there. Whether a culture is great is just your opinion, but even if you despise it, it's still a dick move to come somewhere just to break rules.
But there aren't strict rules against you here, just few anons trying to make this place their safe space, without real support of mod.


File: 1550221343377.jpg (36.3 KB, 400x266, 07fce697905c4814d696b059d6….jpg)

>tripfagging and reddit spacing

>You can ban blogging, roleplaying, avatarfagging, even namefagging, but it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes.

>but it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes.
>imageboard culture doesnt exist
>anyone who disagrees with me is a samefag
where the fuck did you come from? I dont even want you to stop tripfagging, just stop posting and fuck off.


File: 1550226131469.png (465.01 KB, 996x720, 121652c03e15dcf63f9a363af8….png)

Bites your flank

We do have a mod, you just can't tell who he is cuz he invisible like the rest of us anons

Do you even do anything but bitch about name/trip fags?

No i mean seriously i can't tell, im anonfagging cuz you told me to and you all still look the same to me. I think it was you anyway.

Hey buddy, the site culture really is anonfagging so if you're gonna tripfag don't debate it, just have a good time and contribute. Don't fuck off either btw.


>you just can't tell who he is
I can tell it's you because you're a faggot.


/poni/ - Feel free to answer as many questions as you like, and leave your own for others to answer. Also introduce yourself to everypony!Pony questions1. When did you join the fandom2. Favourite episode3. Favourite season4. Favourite main character5. Favou
<a href="http://www.g6cjfw49li1t8q1sgq381t94fk75382ys.org/">aozozhwhvzr</a>
ozozhwhvzr http://www.g6cjfw49li1t8q1sgq381t94fk75382ys.org/

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