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File: 1571514004534.png (2.19 MB, 2513x1598, IMG_0811.PNG)


I want to make friends here, how do I do that?


File: 1571664482557.png (964.52 KB, 1900x1500, 1217530.png)

Just post cute pones, that always works


File: 1574319085267.gif (953.58 KB, 640x360, 1564352130627.gif)

I fucking love friendship. Also music. But most of the time friendships that are good. Not bad good.


Good good friendship only


File: 1574386339684.png (564.29 KB, 1280x2137, cute_cozy_glow_by_digimonl….png)

I suggest we make Fanclub for Cozy Glow where we can make friends by talking about cuteness and lovable of the pony.


Maybe if we had a friendly discussion on something we all/most of us liked?
I like that we can post porn here. If the Generals on /mlp/ moved here, there would be so much more porn!


Is anyone here?


I came because I was going through my bookmarks and found this. How's it going?


File: 1578833477870.png (757.65 KB, 1431x1080, 11348.png)

Everything is good, we need more posters tho


File: 1578898931109.png (2.03 MB, 2500x2000, 2244653.png)

Yup, slow boards can be comfy but too slow is too slow.

I want Cozy Glow to rule over my country with an iron hoof.


File: 1579028720873.png (165.86 KB, 900x900, IMG_0851.PNG)

I hate the fact I'm not allowed to have a username here, because I'm needing one in order to return to another site I was banned from, but other then that I'm fine!


File: 1579029604103.jpg (311.88 KB, 1345x1140, IMG_1478.JPG)

Maybe don't bully and insult your fellow bronies and that won't be a problem!

Though by this point I'm pretty much convinced you guys lack the ability to internalize any of the morals from MLP fim the show you guys pretend to love so much!


File: 1579070011480.gif (847.28 KB, 626x504, Laughing glimmer.gif)

Yeah, I'll stay a while if I remember to check back.
Oh and is >>3 missing an age restriction, or am I talking to teenagers here?


Oops, wrong board. Meant to link the pinned FAQ in /meta/.


I am not sure if it is explicitly written anywhere but since you can post nsfw here i think it should be 18+


File: 1579093096708.png (62.97 KB, 420x600, 1376451..png)

Didn't you said you'll post some original art as you said here >>1077 ? I haven't noticed any tripfag posting art lately so i guess you don't really want to go back so badly
or i just haven't noticed?


That post you linked me to isn't mine, also explain your logic here,

>I haven't noticed any tripfag posting art lately so i guess you don't really want to go back so badly

how would posting original artwork get me back to a site I was banned from, in what way does that make sense?


File: 1579169531647.png (169.9 KB, 900x706, pinkie pie 1525305669386.png)

Sorry then, my bad.
But what i meant is that you can tripfag when drawing or roleplaying (i think that writing CYOA with trip would be fine too even tho it's not explicitly allowed)


She makes me hard!




File: 1584052827077.gif (1.48 MB, 500x281, d4a0339f6cbe9a5ec29612225f….gif)



I hate this fucking place!




You can get friends by posting pony porn.


Fuck you asshole!


Make friends by being yourself. :)


File: 1591954407081.gif (1.34 MB, 332x238, oh yeah.gif)

A good relationship.

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