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What MLP AU is your favorite? (Can be canon, like the Reflections arc or EqG, or non-canon)


The one where this show remained good


The one where everypony actually remember their previous lessons. And princesses are competent.




The one where Hasbro just let writers, animators and other staff just to do their things with minimum off-hand approach only meddling with legal issues.
Also the one where Faust stayed in the show and was let to do their own stuff.


The one where I actually exist with my waifu


The one where season 7 finale storyline is stretched into season 8 and season 7 finale happens in season 8. No school, no foreign creatures shoe horned in name of multiulturalism, and no Cozy Glow.


File: 1568284572838.jpg (80.13 KB, 963x830, 27fy-1432436861-33610-full.jpg)

I've really been fond of Equestria from Dust. Comfy af

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