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This has been making rounds on the internet, and is definitely worth a thread here too. Just write something to get started, and the predictive text bot predicts how it should continue. Post results!




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What the hay is this shit!? Did someone feed the bot with racemixing propaganda?



"That's a Penis!" Twilight Sparkle's brother screamed. He was still angry. A voice screamed, "I hate you!"

The whole room got into frenzy. "You're not the one," Celestia's voice boomed. The room turned redder but the two ponies remained calm. They watched on as the three of them began to strip into their favorite outfit and take on the costume of the girl who was about to come into the room wearing the Pink Diamond.

The scene turned from awkward to thrilling. Pink Diamond, dressed in a red turtleneck sweater with pink trim and pink lace-ups, strode across the stage and into the crowd like a star with her white dress, purple-shaggy hair, and white cape fluttering in the night sky. She walked to the middle of the dance floor and placed her hoof against the microphone. She began a song. When it was over, several ponies cheered to her tune.

The stage was silent for a moment, like the movie that the people watching the show were watching. Twilight Sparkle was shocked. That wasn't how she remembered it! The Pink Diamond wasn't the one dancing! She felt the presence of the Pink Diamond moving around her. Her heart stopped and suddenly her vision started flashing rapidly. The Pink Diamond walked right up to her, cupping her face and pressing her lips down hard. "How are you feeling, sweetie?" she whispered, reaching over and placing her hands on her hips as she tried to speak with an accent.

"Mmm," was all she managed, her voice breaking. "I have a surprise for you, Sweetie." She grinned to herself as she slowly crawled up on top of her, the tip of her pinky up her thigh. "But if you ever want a taste of my cock or whatever you'll want, I'm up there…" She smiled at her, and the pink diamond opened the door and started up the stairs, not stopping and taking an hour until they reached the basement to the second floor.

When they got down there, it was quiet. Not a sound could be heard as they entered it, which turned out to be a good thing. They spent almost an hour talking on the sofa, trying to not be seen as their guests while the others went off to the kitchen to make some pizza or maybe a cheeseburger.

By the time they returned about fifteen minutes later, the only noises were the squeaking of the couch and the sound of furniture being put away slowly as people ran out to get their things out of the home. The Pink Diamond looked up from the small living room as she saw the man sitting inside her doorway. "He seems nice like that," she giggled. With a little bit of effort, Ruby could lift her skirt and enter the bedroom.

"We can go now," Weiss said, pulling a pair of her jeans and a pair of panties from her room in favor of the underwear Ruby needed. "Come on let's go downstairs."

With a quick grunt Weiss led Ruby and Weiss upstairs. As they passed Weiss gave her a slight wink of affirmation before walking along the wall leading to the balcony.

They descended the steep staircase and walked to a larger room with a balcony. Weiss turned away to watch the sun setting and watched out the glassed windows. After a little while the hallway led down to a bedroom that sat just high enough to see the edge of the bay. Ruby sat on the side of the bed wearing panties, a pair of high heels, and a pair of slippers. They climbed through the small door into the room and pulled along a strap around their waist that wrapped around the middle of one leg. It was enough for the strap to be barely over their knee. When they finally reached the railing to go up the stairs to the balcony Weiss let out a sigh when it opened for them. Ruby slid down the railing and reached the balcony just enough for Weiss so she

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