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File: 1560790437368.jpg (63.88 KB, 640x553, 12kh6ofnmow21.jpg)


All forms of punctuation counts as a word slot.



I ran down to


Ponyville. As I


did, I saw


Twilight Sparkle and her


friends. They were


gathered around a strange


congregation of sky cultists


Who thought that celestia


was actually a fake.


She would use magic


to control ponies' minds


and make them see


things they were not


supposed to be seeing.


Such as multi-dimensional


vampires and aliens plotting


To take every sandvich


and leave the ponies


And drink the teriyaki


out of their skulls.


They drank it all


File: 1561500212270.jpg (12.86 KB, 423x315, link tard.jpg)

And they all died


Suddenly, Twilight entered


with her massive dong


and proceeded to f*ck


all the ponies' corpses


until she came.


All over your mother


Like I did last


Summer Solstice afterparty.


It was really fun


and Twilight soon ended


up having an orgy


with lots of pegging


and raping nigger women


The Barrels fucking eachother


the nigger nigger faggot


faggot nigger fuck glimmer


suck my magnum dong


and they enjoyed it.


Suddenly, pineapples.


In the anuses of


The underage Barrel twins


exploded, rocketing them


into Bayonetta's moon-sized


sopping wet fuck hole


niggere niger nigger nniggeeerrrrrr


"this is getting


up my ass!


1488 niggers dead in


a tree lol XD


Boy that escalated quickly


like my cock haha

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