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What are your thoughts on the latest episode?


File: 1559838118592.png (180.7 KB, 412x437, 2058840.png)

I didn't get it. Was it a metaphor for Santa Claus and letting kids have their fun? At least it had a lot of cute scenes in it, and I especially liked how endearing Goldie Delicious was with keeping up the mystique.


It was great to see Applejack's parents again.


>Season 1: Applejack works herself ragged to cover for Big Mac's injury
>Season 9: Applejack works Big Mac ragged so she can help applebloom chase the deer fairy. Who turns out to be a dangerously sleep deprived Big Mac. Everypony laughs.

Not sure I get it either. I guess it was kinda cute at times.


I thought it was actually pretty comfy. A nice slice of life episode that kinda had a season 2 feeling to it.


It was a pretty bland and forgettable episode tbqphwyf.

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