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>anthro isn't banned


File: 1559836462798.jpg (217.15 KB, 488x750, 708059.jpg)

Nothing is. That's the whole point of freedom - you can't arbitrarily ban things you don't like either. It is the entire founding principle of the site.


File: 1559836757385.png (57.69 KB, 945x945, 1310586259853.png)

Enjoy your furfaggotry and barbieshit then. I'm out.


Anthro was always right to be banned from /mlp/, and Equestria Girls isn't any better just because it's official. EQG is one of the biggest reasons why /mlp/ went to shit.

This place had so much potential.


Damn bruh not everyone feels that way and just cuz i like hoofs better than fingers doesn't mean people who like EQG should have to go.

Post something you like instead of whining.


File: 1559840200172.jpg (94.41 KB, 800x431, 163270.jpg)

Seriously? You don't think it was The Scruffening? The beginning of the worst moderation shitstorm in the history of the fandom? The rise of the mod who openly and publicly hates the fandom?

I've been around since the day he took over, and goddamn were the things better before that!


the scruffening sucked because PONIES were being deleted. nobody would have given a flying fuck if scruffy was just deleting anthro and Equestria Girls crap.


Correction: you wouldn't have given a fuck if anthro or EQG was deleted. The fact that there's more EQG on /mlp/ than poni even this very moment means there are a lot of people there who do like that stuff.


File: 1559843335520.jpg (54.17 KB, 600x600, 1370479492868.jpg)

this site will never take off as long as eqg posters are catered to

the marketing is contradictory
you are selling this as old-/mlp/ and yet you are allowing the very thing that tore it down in the first place

your notion of free posting is noble, but it doesnt work for eqg posters, because they are tasteless, barbaric, and uncivilized

they are like immigrants who have no desire to assimilate into our culture
they are laughing as you alienate your brothers in order to cater to them

if weebs started flooding into this board and turning it into an anime discussion board, would you cater to them?
would you change the name of the board?
would you so easily abandon all standards to appease a majority?

I want this place to succeed. I really do.
Eqg is not compatible with ponies.
Just look at the smoldering remains of our once great empire. Look at the course of events after fausts visit.
Eqg posters don't care that their show killed Faust's passion, and half of the fandom. They find this amusing. They think that the scruffening was entertaining.

EQG posters are horrible beings, they are the very thing that they love: Human.


File: 1559845243166-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 800x3733, Scruffening1.jpg)

File: 1559845243166-1.jpg (896.37 KB, 800x3482, Scruffening2.jpg)

There were always anthro and humanized pictures in /mlp/, just like diaper threads and whatever else most people find disgusting. Everyone just skipped over the stuff they didn't like because it was irrelevant to their interests. I don't think there should be any ambiguity about whether it was the scruffening alone that ruined /mlp/, versus something that had coexisted without problems for years beforehand.

Faust lost interest in ponies because of Hasbro's executive meddling. 4chan's downhill started precisely from the Scruffening. I have literally never heard anyone appreciate the Scruffening, least of all fans of anthro and EQG since they are posted for nothing but porn which scruffening banned.

Why do you hate EQG so much? What sets it apart from all the things you *can* brush off as not being for you?


Faust left the show due to executive meddling
Equestria Girls is the highest and most offensive incident of executive meddling
Faust visited in order to cope with us over our shared grief of Equestria Girls
The scruffening was a result of Fausts visit to /mlp/
Reddit and ponychan whiteknights like knightsavant and palmbeachcloth flocked to the board after Faust came and celebrated in our fall
To post equrstia girls is to go against the very core of the vision of the show and it's creators
Anthro was always despised on old-/mlp/
Humanized is a different case entirely. It is neither furry nor official. It is an unrelated entity that I take no issue with.


Anthro is for people who deep down only really want to fuck humans. They put a thin veneer of """""pony""""" on just so they can fit in with le ebin horsefuckers, but they're really just posers.


File: 1559883915546.png (617.11 KB, 1193x888, 2018555.png)

Y'all for real right now? Yeah, EqG was executive meddling, just like Twilicorn. Just like Twilicorn though, they made it work as best they could and made some decent quality material.
Just because a group of loud autists don't like the "new" thing doesn't mean the people who do should be told to fucking die in a fire.
It's the fault of people who hated EqG with such ferocity that destroyed the old /mlp/, not EqG posters. People got so fucking heated that people in their fandom liked something they didn't that they burned everything down around them in their anger and blamed the others for posting things they enjoyed.
Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it destroyed /mlp/. Bronies, all bronies, did that because some people couldn't handle different opinions.


>selling this as old-/mlp/
>allows the very thing that tore it down

If it didn't allow it, it wouldn't be the old /mlp/, would it?


you are impaired
you either lack the fundamental ability to recognize evidence, or you simply are so deluded that you choose not to.

EQG is not decent quality material.

I cannot fault you for being handicapped from forming a single degree of taste at any point in your miserable life, but I can fault you for trying to present your delusion as fact.

Equestria Girls castrated Humanity's escape from themselves. It took from us the sacred degree of separation that gave hope to a people. It has nothing to do with "newness." The only role that it serves is to be the opposite reciprocal of artistic expression.

You shouldn't be ashamed for liking it, as we have already covered your impaired self observation and taste.
But know that I despise you and every last one of you.
You are a scourge upon that which saved my life and thousands of others.
You are the enemy of salvation in this horrible world, and you will not go to Equestria when you die. You will not even go to Tartarus.
You are not a part of this fandom, you are its adversary.


File: 1559890462596.png (684.45 KB, 1872x911, 2049040.png)

Holy shit, you're actually insane. You spewed a collection of crazed spaghetti and call it a point.
Listen, guy, MLP was a source of solace for me as much as it could possibly be. I wouldn't be alive or in the relationship I'm in if not for it. For fuck's sake though, you're speaking like a cultist.
>EqG castrated humanity's escape from themselves
>The sacred degree of separation
>Opposite reciprocal of artistic expression
>The enemy of salvation

>Opposite reciprocal

The opposite of a reciprocal is the original thing.
The opposite reciprocal of artistic expression is artistic expression.

By virtue of using big words without the capacity to do so properly, you have no place here.
You are a failure to this people. You are this board's equivalent of the crazed lunatic rambling on a street corner about the end of all things, and you shall be treated as such.

The only delusion here is that you honestly believe the shit you're saying.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to enjoy Equestria Girls and the wonderful lessons it provides. In the words of someone better at them than me, "Authorial intent, or lack thereof in this case, can eat my ass. I enjoy this shit for what it means to me and how it affects my life, not why it was made."


you clearly haven't taken basic algebra as you have presented an amateurish guess at one of its basic concepts

An opposite reciprocal is not a double negative
it is the opposite sign of a fractional inverse.
Your ignorant explanation of this concept demonstrates the same limited 2 dimensional thinking that must draw you to Equestria Girls in the first place.

If simple math is not graced upon you, then perhaps you can understand the same principle as a musical concept.
When you have a melody, you can do some very basic things to it such as inversion and retrograde. The application of these processes in different orders will yield drastically different results. You can take the retrograde (which is a melody ordered backwards) and also invert that (which is applying the same melodic intervals but in the opposite direction.)
What goes up goes down, and what goes down comes up.

In the case of equestria girls, it takes everything that makes FiM great, and gets it backwards. Then it somehow manages to make it even worse by turning everything upside down as well.

That is the cancerous log of shit that you openly enjoy.
Clearly MLP was not nearly such a source of solace if you so readily lap up the fecal discharge of its tumor like a starving african dog.

You are an uneducated mess of a person who is so burdened by their ignorance to the point that they cannot differentiate greatness from catastrophe.

I pity you and the rest of the disgraced children of Faust who turned on her vision in a desperate bide for mediocrity. You are selfish in your appreciation of art. You have no respect or reverence for the people who's passion and effort created the wonderful thing that drew you here in the first place. And yet you still put on a facade, supporting the traitorous corporate suits who greenlit equestria girls and twilicorn. You support them and not the authentic artistic vision, and it baffles me.


File: 1559895577513.jpg (342.85 KB, 1165x1024, 726923.jpg)

Reciprocal: differing from a given course or bearing by 180 degrees.
Real life ain't math class, you moron.

Regardless, you say that, but saying is the only thing you've done. Provide actual evidence.

It looks like you're projecting really hard right now. It's like you know you're in the wrong, but you're subconsciously believing I'm the one who is selfish, uneducated, and pitiful. Then again, I'm just guessing while you're claiming to know me because you're so far up your own ass that all you see is shit.

Faust left because they were making her take things in a direction she didn't like. Good on her, but that still left work to be done. The show had to go on, with or without her. People had to step in, and fortunately it was people who gave a damn about the quality of the show. They had to follow the suits, and they did, but they avoided sacrificing as much quality as possible. They made something that means something, and something great.

For fucks sake, the Pope's master of ceremonies meddled in the painting of the Sistine Chapel and yet it's still a magnificent work of art respected the world over.

Yeah, it's a travesty that they meddled in the original work, but art is what it is, not why it is. Further, claiming that it's shit because the suits meddled is itself disrespectful to the passion and effort of the people who did work on it. The people who picked up what Faust gave up on and said "Yeah, we can do this." Have you met any of the people who work on this show? Because I have. They're great people with incredible talent who care about this show and what it represents.

You aren't a part of this fandom. You're a fan of Faust, a fan of anger, and a fan of division. You provide nothing to this community. It is time for you to leave.


There is no guesswork involved when dealing with EQG fans. They are all the same: tasteless imbeciles.

the people who worked on equestria girls deserve no respect
They are spineless worker ants that soullessly create for a paycheck instead of standing up for any of their artistic standards.
Maybe they had none in the first place, or maybe they were lost long ago in the ever expanding commodification of art.

Why are you bringing up the sistine chapel, we are talking about true art here. We are talking about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

These people who you are so eager to defend don't care about you, or the show. They don't even watch the show. They have no passion in their work. A nice person doesn't deserve respect for killing great things.

I am a progenitor of this fandom. The passion that runs through my blood is what once flowed through every member of this fandom until the cold hand of treason took its callous grip on your throat.

It is you who is the harbinger of hatred and division. You have become jaded to greatness, and will have eventually forgotten altogether. I am the word of a true man. The promise that isn't influenced by time nor popular trend, and I will be here long after you have gone.


File: 1559897308256.jpg (122.18 KB, 967x346, 379205.jpg)

Oh, wait, I forgot. This is all autism.
You don't know what you're talking about, and I don't think you even care.

Buddy, I was part of this fandom since before the show was released back in that fated October.


What a shame that you weren't strong enough to form a permanent bond with it.
Where will you be in 10 years?


File: 1559950966749.png (4.02 MB, 3900x4500, 1408561.png)

I see you passed "Pulling Shit Out of Your Ass 101."
Enjoying MLP, and not bitching about it on the internet because things didn't go the way I thought they should.


It is not a matter of thought
It is fact
The course of mlp was obstructed in the most obscene and offensive manner and you are a lesser person for celebrating in that fact


File: 1559955922538.gif (7.8 MB, 682x385, 861931.gif)

Whatever you say.


>strong enough to form a permanent bond
My permanent bond with Fallout NV motivated me to make some trashy Bounty Hunting quest mods.
My permanent bond with MLPFIM motivated me to make an OC and some fanfics.
One of the fandoms I just mentioned treated me and my work with appreciation, dignity, and respect.
Maybe it's because you need half a brain cell to be able to install a PC game and install mods for it, but you don't need a brain to cry about fan content on the internet.


If you are able to compare your interest in FiM to any other passing interest in your life, you don't have it


Ha. Hes comparing fandom toxicity not interest.

Speaking of toxicity why does your own fim interest feel threatened by other interests?


its not at all
if anything i feel constantly let down by weaker men, who once stood shoulder to shoulder with me chanting along with me about never ending rides, and our triumph over time

their betrayal is what stings, not the pitiful new holes they have decided to crawl into


Wtf are you on about.


exactly what I've said


I always considered /mlp/'s banning of Anonfilly, Milky Way, greentext prompt threads, and other fun things to be stupid, and I'm glad that this site is very accepting of these things and more, and has taken a very "nothing is banned" stance. But Equestria Girls has done far more to ruin /mlp/ than the banning of those things have, and I fear that the addition of anthro being allowed here would make it worse. Simply put, EQG isn't ponies and it goes against everything that was good and special about MLP.


Anthros are hot, enough said


Shut the fuck up you furry

I bet the mods will allow straight up furry porn and cp here as part of their noble 1st amendment virtue signal
both of those are just as off topic as anthro and eqg


"Stop liking what I don't like faggot"


Go back you your e6 cub porn you fucking furry piece of shit


Go gatekeep on /mlp/ faggot


File: 1560124822499.jpg (173.56 KB, 1600x1260, galapoint1.jpg)

Jesus christ people, grow up. You act like you watch a cartoon for little girls.


Thank you Admin, very cool

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