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File: 1555956249942.png (2.75 MB, 3000x2167, Grand Opening.png)


Welcome to Poni.fun! If you are new to the site, this thread should answer some of your questions.

What is the purpose of this site? Aren't there enough imageboards already?
Poni.fun aims to be what 4chan's /mlp/ used to be before it's moderator shitfest started: A free, anonymous haven for all things pony-related with minimal rules or censorship.
As for other sites, 8chan has turned into a defeatist circlejerk hostile to outsiders, and mlpol mixes its pony content with real-life politics.

How can 6.6. be a grand opening if the site has already been open for months?
The site opened with little fanfare, and users only popped in to check it one by one. The grand opening works on the principle of a Finnish pussikaljamiitti, setting a date for everyone interested to get here at the same time to kickstart the board into activity.

X is ruining the fandom! Why is it allowed?
The whole reason for poni is to be free. The ever-increasing arbitrary rules of 4chan have been strangling the fandom for years, banishing parts of it one by one with only the most mundane and casual remaining.
It's always ironic when anons saying "if you don't like it, just ignore it" demand something they don't like to be banned. We're not getting on that slippery slope here!

So, what should I do?
Make interesting post, obviously! Discussions and content creation are the main reason these boards exist. Join a draw thread, start a CYOA, or write some greentext. There's not much going on right now, but 6.6. is the day that makes or breaks the site so be sure to contribute something!

In short, post ponies and have fun!


>hey we're not X and not Y
enjoy your no-culture dead site.


Im going to go ask my four remaining brony friends to come here


I wonder why two comments above me taste so salty?


Awesome! I was on when /poni/ first started but hey, I'm all for more!


>hey we're not X and not Y
That's actually a good deal if X and Y aren't good. Especially if X and Y used to be good and you're offering to provide precisely what they're now lacking. Like if someone made Youtube but not evil, or Fallout but not shit.


File: 1557225983791.png (155.32 KB, 1100x900, 1605902.png)

Spreading the word to /mlp/ is the main thing anyone should focus on before the opening. Getting the news about a new site past Scruffy's reign of terror is going to need a lot of unbanned IP's to get the posts seen before they're deleted.


I set myself a goal to mention poni in /mlp/ at least once per day. The posts stay up for a few hours at most so any mentions about the opening day must be posted again periodically.


/mlp/ is deleting posts about /poni/?


Yes. At least they haven't outright censored using the word like they did with 8chan, probably because poni is too common in the fandom.


File: 1559542046507.gif (4.65 MB, 1200x1140, 1620385.gif)

Just three days to go



6/6/19 is tomorrow! :D


>6/6/19 is tomorrow
>written on 6/6/19
What did he mean by this?


>What did he mean by this?
Time zones. The person who said 6/6/19 is tomorrow must be in the US


File: 1559806740344.jpeg (52.69 KB, 291x249, 1279478.jpeg)





Today's the day! :D


The last thread lasted about 20 minutes. Someone make a new one a few hours from now.


Did you guys really expect that spamming links would actually work?


Considering it was the only way to get word to the people who needed it, what else were we supposed to do?


You fellas had no driving force because the promise of old /mlp/ is an empty one. Scruffening happened years ago, and any oldfag who might have cared has either stopped visiting /mlp/ or is gone altogether. I've seen this pattern of "we'll make a better website, with blackjack and hookers!" more often than I care to admit, but never this late to the party.

Might as well admit defeat if you can't rely on more organic growth.


File: 1559958282531.png (191.54 KB, 800x800, B2C8FE89-A511-4651-866D-CF….png)

I don’t know if you saw my post in your ponychan shill thread, but I’ve decided to give this place another shot now that the porn issue is under control

Ponychans admin doesn’t like shill threads, so your thread along with my post in it was deleted. Sorry.

(I’m only name faging so OP can recognise me. All of my posts going forward will be Anon.)


File: 1559962892371.png (257.25 KB, 435x436, 983630.png)

Keep whining, faggot.


I've mostly been a lurkerfag on /mlp/ and /pone/, but I wanna give this place a try.




Oh, what I'm saying has no bearing on EqG. If there is no userbase, it doesn't really matter what's allowed and what's not.

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