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is there a non porn filled board we could make? I dont particularly want small children seeing this stuff if I want to read some greentext


File: 1552939422252.gif (871.85 KB, 715x480, 817904.gif)

I've heard some other people complain about the nsfw stuff too, so I'm wondering if a rule about spoilering nsfw content would be worth the extra hassle. In MLPChan nsfw pics had to be spoilered, but when creating a thread you could also select a "NSFW thread" checkbox so all pictures posted there would automatically get spoilered for their posters convenience. And of course, the option to disable spoilers is a must on any board that has them.

Voting time! What are your opinions on spoilered nsfw everyone?


No, horsepussy won't keep the shills away if you only see it upon clicking it.
Instead, there should be a designated SFW board. Maybe call it /sfw/.
Also, I had this board idea called /1/. On that board, we all pretend Season 1 of MLP was the only season before the show was cancelled. It's where we post fan content, speculation, fanfics that don't work in what the setting became but did work in S1's setting, and so on.


Brilliant on all counts, except for not calling it /faust/


I agree with this anon separating the NSFW and SFW is a good idea and the S1 Board sounds like a neat idea creating a niche that may attract new people to the site


File: 1552958758907.png (163.13 KB, 858x932, skeptical1.png)

Whats your problem with S2


File: 1552961742384.png (249.71 KB, 960x720, 112170.png)

I'm always hesitant about splitting the site into too many boards. 8chan for one has so many pony boards that none of them had enough traffic to keep them active.

The /1/ board is a curious idea, even if there are more people in the "only two first seasons" camp. I still think they're going to be served well enough in one thread, as I highly doubt those fans would be numerous enough to keep an entire board active.

Now that would be clever!

I think a dedicated board for purely porn threads might be in order, but I've never liked how posting at sfw boards requires tiptoeing around the rule when something lewd would be completely relevant to the discussion. Asking people to spoiler the occasional nsfw picture outside a /clop/ or /lewd/ board shouldn't be too much to ask if purely porn threads had a board dedicated to them. Also, if the site is going to have more than one board for content, an overboard that shows all threads from all boards would be a must.

This is all good feedback, keep it coming!


File: 1552986430396.jpg (122.33 KB, 1000x786, full (5).jpg)

>if the site is going to have more than one board for content, an overboard that shows all threads from all boards would be a must

You can do that? Thatd be great!


File: 1553010027778.png (237.27 KB, 1284x1111, 1477106__safe_artist-colon….png)

>I think a dedicated board for purely porn threads might be in order
>Asking people to spoiler the occasional nsfw picture outside a /clop/ or /lewd/ board shouldn't be too much to ask


Honestly why are small children looking at your screen anyway


You haven't seen /mlpol/'s Overboard? The concept works great over there.


/1/ or /faust/ or whatever it ends up being called doesn't need to be "active" in the traditional sense. It needs to bring back the creativity, the speculation, the wonder that captured the hearts of so many before the show's writers decided to answer as many questions as possible with the lamest answers they could think of.


File: 1553297089195.png (256.41 KB, 580x503, 1835721.png)

Speaking of Faustian speculation, how do you think weather works outside pony-habitated areas? Weather changing on its own was spooky in Everfree Forest, but is that a norm everywhere without weather ponies? How about running of the leaves, winter wrap up and other pony-maintained weather phenomena?


I can buy Griffons being able to fly slowly and push clouds around.
I can also buy Griffons paying a few Pegasi to manage their weather for them, or at least keep it plain and unintrusive.


File: 1553448476565.png (1.3 MB, 1440x808, 1882524.png)

They also have big, strong wings so they should be able to blow the clouds around even if they couldn't touch them like pegasi do.

Nevermind, I just remembered Gilda walking on clouds just fine in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp so they can definitely handle clouds just as well as pegasi. In fact, thinking of the sorry state of Griffonstone now versus in its past, the dead ground and withered trees must be a result of losing their publicly funded weather team when the griffons started jewing again.


Radical idea:
A system including the main board and small, more restricted satellite boards.

Primary board, called pone, for posting everything that doesn't fall explicitly into satellite boards, and has a rule against generals

Satellite boards topics include old 4chan generals, EQG, and anything else that the rest of the community has a hard time enjoying without being into it. On these boards you can only post what's related to the topic.

The point is to keep typically clashing groups (e.g. Glimmerfags and Shimmerfags) from interacting with each other outside of the central 'dmz' of the main board, which would, all things going well, be the main destination for most people on the site. A spoiler explicit rule on just the main board wouldn't be too bad either, because you shouldn't be doing image dumps on the main board anyways.


File: 1553464229111.jpg (548.18 KB, 1920x1200, 69023.jpg)

Porn dumps ought to stay away from the main board simply by providing a dedicated board for them.

Speaking of boards, any progress about an overboard system? Having multiple boards works only if you can view all the posts from one page.


Sure. Meet /all/.


>making an entire board for a minority who left the fandom
dead on arrival


what your just talking about is a general, the fact you want to give it it's own board doesnt change it's still a general in every way.


>human vag
>no hooves
>futa sfm
none of these 'keep shills away' in any capacity

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