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File: 1552677693606.png (265.12 KB, 1024x754, 1b80d654110d5459d24cb75401….png)


Here's a little community project I've been planning. Since lawyers are always a threat to anything pony-related, we could create a new spinoff version of FiM with no copyrighted connections to the original show.

What I've had in mind is a place called Horseria, a new continent ponies have discovered. The name of the mainland they come from is never mentioned, as well as none of the names of ponies living there, so while this is compatible with mlp lore it doesn't breach any copyrights. The main town for most of the events is Ponyhaven (it's a working title), a small settlement near a forest of giant trees. The town started off as a lumber camp, but by cutting trees around it too greedily the ponies ended up disrupting the nature and causing trouble with the beasts of the unknown woods. The logging was cut down, and most ponies moved on to other jobs, and thus the town of Ponyhaven was founded.

The town is located on a plain next to the forest, connected to the sea by a river that flows from mountains to a larger coastal city downstream, traversed by riverboat ferrying ponies and cargo along its length.

Far upstream, at the mountains there's a mining village inhabited by donkeys. Their houses are made of huge, rugged stones to resist the common avalanches, looking crude and unpolished from the outside but being clean and homely from the inside. The reason for their architecture is the common avalanches plaguing the town, but the donkeys are too headstrong to let the mountain defeat them while there are still riches to be mined in it.

There's also another small dig site closer to Ponyhaven. What makes it notable is that it breaches into huge, underground caverns that are as of yet unexplored.

The land is also scattered with ancient ruins of a civilization of long-haired goats that have disappeared without a trace. These remains of an advanced civilization are yet another source for all sorts of potential stories.


File: 1552679155830.jpg (142.8 KB, 566x800, Magichorse tail tuning.jpg)

For characters, the most fleshed-out one at the moment is this settings magic horse. She's not exceptionally powerful, but she is ambitious and willing to push her limits. She has read way more about magic than she can cast, but now and then she actually manages to pull off an impressively high-level spell, either by straining herself to dangerous degrees or finding ways to cut corners and make a difficult spell easier to cast.

She lives in a classical wizard tower, just because she thinks it's how a proper wizard ought to live. She also makes candy, which is a profession where her strengths of learning and creativity are a great bonus.


Thinking of this from a show design perspective, another character I've thought of would be a pegasus pony author, moving in to write about her experiences living in the town. Her motto is "Understand before you judge", and her cutiemark of a book with a checkmark on it reflects her conviction for finding the truth. Sometimes she can come out as inquisitive when she refuses to take "just because" for an answer, but it's always for the sake of a fair representation.

As an outsider to the town, she makes a good audience surrogate for learning about the new setting. And as a professional author she has a good reason to go around trying new things and seeing new ponies.


A third planned pony is a creative carpenter unicorn, running a little workshop built in a house-sized trees stump. She's not ambitious, and simply enjoys tinkering what she likes. Sometimes her more practical friends hep her expand her business, but her central conflict as a character is finding the balance between doing what she enjoys and what is profitable.


I like it.


I know you, I've seen the thread … if only I could find it again.
Your characters are jacks of all trades with no special qualities. All a bunch of straight men. Your characters are basically all normalfags that work hard for their goals. The setting also sounded much more normalized, I didn't see any villains, threats, magical items, legends, action-tier cliches and ideas last time I read the thread.

Your idea is good for slice of life/sitcoms and even adventure, but by the sound of it, it's not good for action if judged so far.
You know why I find your ideas boring? The SoC genre always has a boring premise.
Your ideas sound boring by themselves, that's why you need to write the execution itself. Action ideas have the advantage of always sounding amazing on the outside, but being empty on the inside. With slice of life I need to actually experience it.


I reckon you should add some weirdness to your characters. Think about it: AJ and Fluttershy are kind of normal, Rarity and Pinkie are weird. You need weird characters for your sane characters to bounce off.


The characters, like everything, are still works in progress. None of them even have names yet, and the magic horse is the only one with an appearance yet.

I don't know what you find boring about the setting though. I specifically planned the surroundings to give as much potential for monsters, villains and threats to loom in as possible.

As for action, here's a short version of what I've thought of for a first episode:
The story begins as Dingbat (working title for the audience surrogate pony) arrives in the new town looking to write a book about her life there. She has bought an old house that has been abandoned for a while, since the locals believe it to be haunted. The pony who sold the house never mentioned that, but Dingbat is skeptical about such stories anyway.

Right away she gets to meet the mailpony, who's supposed to help her move her stuff to the house. She doesn't seem to be taking her job too seriously, but eventually Dingbat reluctantly agrees to leave her luggage and moving crates in her care as she heads out to check out her new house.

As she gets to her new house, all her stuff is already in the house, with the mailpony relaxing in a hammock, sipping a drink from a coconut. When she notices Dingbat, she lazily puts down her drink and asks her to sign the papers before zipping away. Dingbat inspects the house, sees what furniture it needs (at least a bed, bookcase, writing table and a chair), and notices some strange noises coming from the walls. She gives a thought to the ghost theory, but thinks that some kind of vermin is more likely and moves out to find a furniture shop.

Instead of getting to a shop she was looking for, she notices the rustic store of the carpenter pony, and decides to see what kind of furniture she has to offer. The carpenter asks Dingbat a lot of questions about stuff like favorite color, favorite book, what time she goes to sleep and gets up, until Dingbat starts to get weirded out by this. Eventually the carpenter says she knows wha to do, and as Dingbat casually mentions her suspicions about pests in her walls, the carpenter tells her that if she has any problems with animals, she should seek out the nature pony.

In short, she meets the main cast, each referencing her to a pony she should go see next. As she gets home in the evening, she finds that his house is now gorgerously personalized like pony houses tend to be, with the carpenter pony telling that she did her best with the information she had. The mailpony is there since she helped carry the stuff there, the nature pony arrives to check the alledged vermin infestation, the magic pony comes to check the possible magical influences, so generally all of the ponies are in the same room at the same time. That's when the ancient secret hidden inside the old house gets revealed, and the plot proper kicks off in the next episode.

I've since planned that the secret could be an old doomsday clock that's been ticking under the floorboards. It was designed by a crazy pony who believed that time worked in cycles, and that in every cycle there would be six ponies crucial to the survival of Equestria. No one understood his logic and explanations, so he built this giant clock to count down to when the six ponies would arrive, and to the disasters they'd have to prevent.

What I've thought of for the disaster would be the awakening of some kind of eldritch horror sleeping under the town. We'd still need to come up with how to stop the disaster though, since if the ponies just kept it asleep it would leave the ponies living on borrowed time which is not conductive for a lighthearted pony show.


Yes, go on Mr writer. Storytell us an action scene in general, not a fight sequence, but an interesting dramatic mystery lore scene.
I mean it's no shame if you can't do it all. Honestly every writer should each handle 1 tiny aspect of a whole, rather than individualizing writers per episode under 1 creative vision.



Thanks. I'm not bad at coming up with action scenes myself, but planning them requires coming up with the ponies and situations they're in first. More help is always good though.

Another planned character is this towns nature pony. She handles a similar role to Fluttershy except more outgoing, trekking in the woods to help hurt animals where she finds them. She's fit, tough and hardy like Applejack, yet handles animals with firm, motherly gentleness. Of all the townsponies, she has by far most practical knowledge of the local flora and fauna alike.

For her appearance, I saw her in a dream as a mix between Tempest Shadow and Applejack, and haven't been able to shake the mental image since. She can also use her mane and tail like Indiana Jones uses his whip, although this should be used extremely sparingly or people would start thinking of her as some kind of weird tentacle pony.


File: 1553382404589.png (530.47 KB, 1280x1280, 1919922.png)

Answering the weather question in >>1370 , what I've planned for the spinoff continent is that it's rains would be made by alpaca natives, who create the clouds by periodically dumping huge vats of water into a volcano.

Speaking of weather, one episode could be about ponies getting their own weather facility started. Some of the older ponies protest, telling that messing with the natural order is a terrible mistake, and when troubles start arising the other townsponies soon come around to their side and the weather factory is closed.

However, the troubles don't seem to be going away. While everypony is still placing their blame on the facility during its operation, the mane cast seeks out and fixes the real cause disturbing the nature. The lesson of the story is that when you assign blame carelessly, you're not only hurting innocents but also directing attention away from the real culprit.


File: 1553446169441.jpg (54.33 KB, 641x855, 1162320.jpg)

>We'd still need to come up with how to stop the disaster though, since if the ponies just kept it asleep it would leave the ponies living on borrowed time which is not conductive for a lighthearted pony show.
What if the prophecy said the cosmic horror would awaken in a terrible destructive rage, so the ponies sidestepped the apocalypse by making its awakening a pleasant one instead?


File: 1553562047579.png (351.14 KB, 1134x861, 1989615.png)

That's perfect! It would mean the cosmic horror isn't just 'defeated', and it would be a perfectly pony-like solution to the situation.

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