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File: 1552410553296.jpg (114.94 KB, 900x1148, sunrise_stardust_and_the_b….jpg)



First chapter is too long


I read up to chapter 5, it's good so far.
Why is Sunrise Stardust so different from Littlepip?


Because he isn't Littlepip, he's a gangster.


Why is this site so inactive?


>not fimfiction


File: 1552788840853.jpeg (239.23 KB, 1920x1080, 1889199.jpeg)

It's hard to get the word out to 4chan about this, especially to a lot of people at the same time. When one or two people come in at once there's no constant activity to feed the activity, so hopefully setting a date for a Grand Opening would coordinate a lot of people to come in at once. This site needs a sudden burst of new people to become active, not a slow trickle.


I don't like fimfiction. Its admins are corrupt, and the site's highschool as fuck. My fic's on Ao3, if you'd prefer: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16914561/chapters/39739335
Good call! Something like the grand reveal of a weekly Site Blog that advertises pony content like a non-biased non-corrupt Equestria Daily would be great, too.
>fag: but writing a site blog is hard!
You're writing 1k words a week tops while advertising content others made with small paragraphs followed by links, this job couldn't be easier. But if it really seems that hard, I volunteer to be the writer for that blog.


If you could write for Poni that would be great! I have way too many irons in the fire to take any more responsibilities myself, but my tech friend is looking into making a blog board here where registered "reporters" could make threads about things for users to discuss about.


Thanks! That'd be good.


My next chapter will contain an in-depth explanation of Equestria's magic system.


File: 1552963718061.png (759.4 KB, 4000x4907, 255683.png)

The /news/ board is about ready to open, and the reporter log-in has now been implemented. How do I contact you to share the password for posting there?



So, how bout that fic, eh?


>wanting nigel to write anything
my newfag detector is off the charts


That's not my name, don't bring that meme here. Nigel's the fag on 4chan's /v/ who yells "kill yourself ponyfag! this is your mindset!" whenever someone posts a pic on /v/ that's also on derpibooru.
He hates MLP because he's still stuck in the "I'm a cool dude who hates Barney the Dinosaur" phase, I just don't like your waifu, waifufag.


>still thinking that Nigel isn't just a colloquial way of calling a Brit a Brit
>still repeating the "this is your mindset" guy as if people didn't straight up tell you that that wasn't what they were calling you Nigel for
Just because this isn't best board doesn't mean you can bullshit us.

Would you rather we call you Jason? Or Silver "I am composed of 98% seed, and none of it is mine" Star? ^:)


>opening copied from the show
>cringy references in 5th line
stopped reading right there

My God, can you get even more new

>non-biased non-corrupt
lemme guess, your pathetic submission didn't get accepted and didn't get the praise it of course rightfully deserves?

This site is a one big mistake, but I think letting this guy anywhere close to any position is the biggest mistake yet


>lemme guess, your pathetic submission didn't get accepted and didn't get the praise it of course rightfully deserves?
This. Jason's a massive faggot who spends all his time shilling bad fanfics and incomplete hand-drawn Pokemon mods, and whenever people tell him to take five seconds to edit his work he shuns them as corrupt and declares them a glimmernigger. But o noes, I don't have a hateboner for the glimglam, don't be ridiculous.


>lemme guess, your pathetic submission didn't get accepted and didn't get the praise it of course rightfully deserves?
Actually, my submissions were accepted. The shit I didn't like happened to friends I like.
Honestly, my life would be more entertaining if I was the villain you think I am. Because then I'd get into all kinds of hilariously wacky shenanigans. But that'd get boring after a while, so I'm glad I'm not like that.
Anyway, there's a thread on the other site where I'm listening to the feedback given on my work, and learning from it.
You're just pretending I think all critics are fags because you don't like that I called you a fag.


I can't recall a single time you didn't call critics fags.


For real? I'm sorry. I won't mock you for that, it wouldn't be right.
By the way, what did you think of my chapter 3?





>penis demons
the fuck?


What can I say? The character has penises on the brain.


Does it describe what penis demons are like or do i have to use my imagination?


Flare Blitzen is fighting the Penis Legion and a literal cock and ball torture demon as a metaphor for how he struggles with gay thoughts.


But why

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