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Danglars… Mondego… Caderousse… Villefort…
Danglars… Mondego… Caderousse… Villefort…

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The site was down for a while, what happened?

File: 1568660411252.gif (1.33 MB, 714x504, 1398906568002.gif)


Shame, this website needs more activity. It seems like it could be cozy


I post in my "I made my OC in mugen" thread every time I make a good progress update.

File: 1562605399170.png (56.23 KB, 946x573, dbzap2j-cb3b857d-98ae-4885….png)


What MLP AU is your favorite? (Can be canon, like the Reflections arc or EqG, or non-canon)
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The one where Hasbro just let writers, animators and other staff just to do their things with minimum off-hand approach only meddling with legal issues.
Also the one where Faust stayed in the show and was let to do their own stuff.


The one where I actually exist with my waifu


The one where season 7 finale storyline is stretched into season 8 and season 7 finale happens in season 8. No school, no foreign creatures shoe horned in name of multiulturalism, and no Cozy Glow.


File: 1568284572838.jpg (80.13 KB, 963x830, 27fy-1432436861-33610-full.jpg)

I've really been fond of Equestria from Dust. Comfy af

File: 1567732413863.jpg (50.19 KB, 476x330, hpmorsux.jpg)


What do you think of "Rational" pony fanfics?

File: 1563481678300.jpeg (125.45 KB, 994x994, 9EA6E77B-2F65-43A5-A132-4….jpeg)


Are there any artists here?
Just curious…
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Oh okay, my bad, I stopped watching mlp after season 3 or so, it turned pretty bad :/

The porn remained god-tier though


have you drawn any more ponies lately? i love rainbow dash by the way, good taste! congratulations on working for the film industry. I hope you still love mlp and the show's characters even if you don't watch the show anymore. and i hope you still draw ponies! good art style


Here's my pony stuff https://imgur.com/a/abQh0
I might keep drawing lewd ponies, but I have more important to do.


good stuff! even if you don't draw ponies as much anymore, do you still love them?


Why would I be here if I didn't :)

File: 1560790437368.jpg (63.88 KB, 640x553, 12kh6ofnmow21.jpg)


All forms of punctuation counts as a word slot.

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up my ass!


1488 niggers dead in


a tree lol XD


Boy that escalated quickly


like my cock haha

File: 1555365984485.png (6.52 MB, 2500x1888, 1555007410050-1.png)


It feels like this fandom gets a little more dead each day. I want to do something to help fix this but I have no idea what. Nobody seems to want to discuss fanmade content unless they're tearing it down or they're sucking it off for being written in year 1 of the fandom when everyone was too young to have standards.
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No, old mlp stuff is objectively better


I doubt this fandom is gonna disappear just because the show’s ending. I’m pretty sure a decent number of current fans haven’t even kept up with the show for a while anyway. If anything people will stick around to see what G5 is like, but there’s always gonna be fan content of some kind.


I'm still making fan content, but where's the audience for fan content? Have people forgotten how to share videos/fanfics they like on other websites?




OI, (You), the faggot reading this.
What good deed have you done for pony today?

File: 1565220507586.jpeg (216.22 KB, 700x600, medium (6).jpeg)


Praise the sun

File: 1550766394251.jpg (117.32 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3728.JPG)


Intro; This thread is mostly for S1/S2 Oldfags who want to reminisce about both the show and fandoms past, considering the recent announcement of the S9 being the last season, thus bringing G4 to an end. Anypony is welcome to join the discussion, even New fags, as long as you're respectful to some of the shows veterans.

In this thread we talk about/share our favourite episodes, movies, shorts, songs, animations, fan-fictions, fan-art, toys, etc, that are in any way related to G4. As well as talking about the impact G4 has had on our lives and/or the lives of those around us. I'm going to make regular updates to this thread, and I suggest that everypony else do the same.

End of the line celebrations; I'm personally planning to go back to season one, so I can watch every episode from the show in order, again. (I plan to make thread updates about this as I go along.) I suggest you do the same, but don't rush it. Remember this is about reappreciating, the more thine you take the better.

Q&A; What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show? (As I said rewatching the show. But I'll also go back and look at some of the old fan content.)

Do you plan to stay the fandom once the show ends? If so, how long do you plan on staying here? (Definitely! I'll probably stay here for a good few years to come, at least.)

When did you join the fandom? (Early to mid season 2/early 2012.)

Do you still watch the show? (Yes, but nowhere near as much as I used to.)

What is your favourite episode/season? (There are too many good episodes and seasons for me to answer this question.)

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File: 1551128805212.png (190.14 KB, 887x901, 1551075746941.png)

Theres some kind of delay issue when posting where they seem to disappear for a few minutes. Its just some issue under the hood, not anything that anypony did.

These anons don't even like name posting. I think theyre being totally cool with you, much nicer really than those jerks on other chans that have been so mean to you. You really should forget those mean places and settle in here with these nice folks.

Oh i love that laughing Dashie so much.


Oops dangit forgot to remove my stupid name.


>What am I doing to celebrate the end of the show?
Rewatching past episodes, and drawing ponies.

>Am I going to stay in the fandom once the show ends?

Of. Bucking. Course.
>How long am I going to stay?
Not sure yet, but it'll be a while.

>When did I join the fandom?

End of Season 4.

>Do I still watch the show?

Yes, but not as much as I used to.

>Favorite episode/season?

My favorite season is Season 7, and my favorite episode is S7E23, Secrets and Pies.
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Hi y'all. Just seeing this forum and jumping in. Reading this thread, this is a great throwback to the good ol' shitposting days for 4chan before reddit turned it into a hugbox. Good to see y'all here before the fandom ends. Q&A follows.

>What are you guys doing to celebrate the end of the show?

Not really anything. We've been in generation 4.5 since season 5. The show ended with Rainbow Rocks as far as I'm concerned.

>Do you plan to stay the fandom once the show ends? If so, how long do you plan on staying here?

Sure. I'll be around as long as there are gathering places.

>Do you still watch the show?

See the first answer. The morals of the show have changed since season 4's end, and it's unwatchable now.

>What is your favourite episode/season?

Season 4 all the way. The finale was to die for. I wish they had kept the quasi-divine thing they had going with Rainbow Power

Who are your favourite ponies?
>Rarity is really the most deep of the mane 6, but Pinkie is great too for similar reasons. They get enough hate to let the average outsider know they're worth looking into.


I don’t know how I’d go about doing it, but what would be a pretty good idea is for someone to do a weekly stream/discussion of every episode of the show once s9 ends. Gives fans a chance to go back and revisit older episodes they’ve forgotten about and keeps discussion going.
I really don’t think this fandom is gonna die out like a lot of people fear though. Ponies kinda outgrew the show a long time ago. In a way this is just gonna be an extended hiatus until G5 comes around. Might end up being shit or it might end up being actually pretty good.

File: 1564335277092.png (32 KB, 778x672, 129824351384.png)


>So I was fapping in my room
>Suddenly my mom opens the door…
>Asks mom if she wanna watch me fap
>She reminds me that we're related
>But I remind her we're southern
>So she ask if I wanna fuck her



File: 1562023709926-0.png (694.9 KB, 1334x750, 7FB3B64D-1AE5-4EB3-8B38-72….png)

File: 1562023709926-1.png (727.73 KB, 1334x750, 37963512-1815-4033-9F33-2E….png)

File: 1562023709926-2.png (715.8 KB, 1334x750, 531BCF80-D74A-4BC0-840C-B9….png)

File: 1562023709926-3.png (656.11 KB, 1334x750, AADDABF1-B56F-4538-9736-6A….png)


How come there isn’t more porn o these two?


What's there name?


Becasue Twincet isn't for everyone

File: 1560633035124.png (197.67 KB, 1338x2160, 1935822__safe_artist-colon….png)


>Golly Anon, you sure do have a big weiner!
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Anons, would you a Cozy Glow?


File: 1560867264045.png (127.23 KB, 1000x1000, full.png)

What do you mean?


File: 1560907223259.png (3.64 MB, 3486x2388, 2039888__explicit_artist-c….png)

Given the opportunity, would you insert your penis into Cozy Glow's vagina and ejaculate inside her?


File: 1561575601847.png (86.28 KB, 1024x1024, large.png)

>Maybe… yes


More porn pls

File: 1564158290254.png (3.13 MB, 2500x4000, 1468342__explicit_artist-c….png)


I'm going to miss you faggots when the show's over.


File: 1564335573479.png (1.17 MB, 3464x2960, 1595906__explicit_artist-c….png)

More porn!

File: 1563290879390.png (569.88 KB, 1172x1072, A13280E0-C937-44D2-AA47-6D….png)


Why is this so hot?


u n f

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