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File: 1550478798485.png (500.02 KB, 1280x890, 23d064386769fcecdc3cce3a26….png)


>We need a Pinkie Pie porn thread!

File: 1550212303180.png (208.44 KB, 400x500, Zecora_id.png)


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Did someone just remove my post. So one joke is okay but the flip-side of that joke is not. Okay, then.

Not that I really am taking any offense here. Since it is new website and you have this nopolitical standard, which I am okay with. But the question then becomes which things are considered political and which are not?


Lol, forget about it. I guess it didn't update or something. Weird. Oh, well. Then I had nothing to say carry on.


File: 1550464312664.png (2.87 MB, 1920x1080, 1062893__safe_zecora_scene….png)

Don't mess with the enchantress.

File: 1550364226559.jpg (882.34 KB, 1080x1920, 1550358196708.jpg)


>making a new pony website
>when it's all going to end soon
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This ride will last for as long as the community keeps making content and having fun.
Pretending nu-fim is good isn't fun. Fuck fimfic.net.


File: 1550428614338.jpg (10.22 KB, 236x269, eeb3b35aad23c4a5cec619fb10….jpg)

G1 is from the 80s and its fanbase is alive and well.

G4 fandom will be fine.


File: 1550431638448.gif (1.64 MB, 960x540, 861819__safe_animated_upvo….gif)

Now I've said this so often it's time to just make it a copypasta:

The fandom has grown large enough to become self-sustaining. The sonic fandom has survived over a decade without a single good game made for it, and the pony fandom has way more lore and source material to work with. This ride will never end.


File: 1550432171182.jpg (539.84 KB, 924x905, 1550365552001.jpg)

I hope you're right anon, I hope you're right. I know I'll stay on no matter what. For those who remain through it all, see you on the other side


File: 1550439006500.jpg (39.63 KB, 623x464, SEAP.jpg)


They were always my favorite toys. ♥ Nobody ever taught me how to take care of their hair though.

I love how everyone hates how terrible the original series is, as if original creations aren't all supposed to suck, until someone derives from them and makes them great. They were breaking new ground. No one had ever animated a cartoon seahorse before.

File: 1550250862445.png (161.23 KB, 640x480, IMG_0930.PNG)


What if thread

ITT there's a universe out there where "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" is instead "KOF vs. MLP FIM" and the basic story being pretty much the same where Rugal attempts to open a dimensional rift and the warp gate is destroyed by Mai before he can fully pass through it and on the MLP FIM side of the story Tirek having become stronger then before over powers the main 6 to get to one of Celestia's magic mirrors in order to conquer the entirety of the multiverse and realizing there's no way to stop him Twilight shatters the mirror before Tirek can fully pass through it, these 2 separate events cause Rugal and Tirek to fuse together into the being Tirugal which also cause the MLP FIM universe and KOF universe to grind together, the same story plays out as it did in MK vs. DC and at the end where a war brakes out between both sides the 2 left standing are Mai Shiranui and Twilight Sparkle who must now work together to defeat Tirugal

Mai: you don't fight for him

Twilight: neither do you


Mai: then it seems we have a common enemy

Twilight: and a common goal

Tirugal: SILENCE!!!

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Post MLP Mugen instead.


Is there a pony mod for TFH yet?


No, and TFH was a massive fucking disappointment. No story mode, simplistic combat mechanics, and boring multiplayer.
Good thing the ponies are already in mugen and fan fight characters like…
Homer Simpson
Sunset Shimmer

File: 1550247990139.png (471.29 KB, 4000x1500, 1550247796832.png)




1. Isn't that basically the yayponies logo
2. Stop namefagging
3. Stop yelling
4. Who are you quoting?


File: 1550253353696.png (137.33 KB, 500x304, applejack u mad.png)

Anon, don't be a faggot!


where do you think you are?


File: 1550255619610.jpg (37.46 KB, 540x369, bfe.jpg)

File: 1549401993616.jpg (122.37 KB, 840x1024, IMG_5630.JPG)


Feel free to answer as many questions as you like, and leave your own for others to answer. Also introduce yourself to everypony!

Pony questions

1. When did you join the fandom
2. Favourite episode
3. Favourite season
4. Favourite main character
5. Favourite background character
6. Best princess
7. Best song
8. Do you read fan fiction, if so what kind
9. Favourite aspect of the fandom
10. Mystery question

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File: 1550218682265.jpg (662.1 KB, 1500x1100, IMG_4101.JPG)

Fuck, I accidentally namefaged in my post complaining about namefags.

That just shows you how much of a namefag I really am.



>You are claiming you do run this site
No, he doesn't, you retard.
>And any of your fellow anons who agree with you are sockpuppets until you prove otherwise.
I have been lurking for 7 years, always choosing a place without tripfags, and I used to reveal my secrets to others there. Whether a culture is great is just your opinion, but even if you despise it, it's still a dick move to come somewhere just to break rules.
But there aren't strict rules against you here, just few anons trying to make this place their safe space, without real support of mod.


File: 1550221343377.jpg (36.3 KB, 400x266, 07fce697905c4814d696b059d6….jpg)

>tripfagging and reddit spacing

>You can ban blogging, roleplaying, avatarfagging, even namefagging, but it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes.

>but it does nobody any good at all to ban tripcodes.
>imageboard culture doesnt exist
>anyone who disagrees with me is a samefag
where the fuck did you come from? I dont even want you to stop tripfagging, just stop posting and fuck off.


File: 1550226131469.png (465.01 KB, 996x720, 121652c03e15dcf63f9a363af8….png)

Bites your flank

We do have a mod, you just can't tell who he is cuz he invisible like the rest of us anons

Do you even do anything but bitch about name/trip fags?

No i mean seriously i can't tell, im anonfagging cuz you told me to and you all still look the same to me. I think it was you anyway.

Hey buddy, the site culture really is anonfagging so if you're gonna tripfag don't debate it, just have a good time and contribute. Don't fuck off either btw.


>you just can't tell who he is
I can tell it's you because you're a faggot.

File: 1550150526972.png (564.6 KB, 1280x720, image.png)


>Let's make thread about Discord the chaos master!


File: 1550153328211.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1751x2021, 1959179.jpeg)


File: 1549396980501.png (113.98 KB, 1200x900, Badly Drawn Requests.png)


These have been popular before, so here's poni.fun's won Badly Drawn Request thread. I'm trying to learn to draw quickly and fluidly, so instead of scribbling away for nothing I decided to open a request thread and at least get some fun out of my practice. If you want me to draw something, just ask and I'll deliver what I can.
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File: 1549631796858.png (188.49 KB, 1200x900, Flying kiwi tree.png)

Oops! I was so distracted by the pain that I missed a pretty substantial detail of a flying pony.


Applejack bucking apples, but they turn out to be pears instead


File: 1550052676392.png (163.64 KB, 1300x900, Bucking gone pear-shaped.png)

Here you go! I'm slowly getting better with the tablet.

Also, don't namefag unless you're also drawing OC. As shown here, it's not too hard if you really want to do it.


Milky Way with Shitting Dick Nipples


File: 1550142055830.png (210.39 KB, 1300x900, Poopmare of Trottingham.png)

Done! Enjoy your phallic tittyfeces!

File: 1550106435194.jpg (197.51 KB, 1280x800, IMG_0865.JPG)


Tea time

During my time permabanned from ponyville.us not only did I rarely have contact with my friends Manley, Moony, Camomile and Toybox but I was also being harassed continuously through emails by another poster who I won't mention here, all of this combined put a lot of emotional strain on me and the only way I was able to deal with the stress was by making a fake ponyville.us


And it actually helped me out a lot but I don't want to forever rely on just one method of stress relief so itt how do you deal with stress and how would you deal with the above mentioned situation?


Have a real life, circlejerks are just a poor substitute and growing overly attached to them is harmful.
Also you get calmer as you get older.

File: 1550053622641.png (299.23 KB, 461x495, IMG_0708.PNG)


To make (site name) feel more like the show's Ponyville I decided to put my threads into categories themed after different places found in the show's Ponyville for now on, that being said let me give you the rundown

1. Golden Oak Library
Threads under this title will serve the purpose of teaching you spells, any of your choosing from my vast collection of spells from my old days studying wizardry, however due to lack of popularity with this subject matter I will leave it to you to post this thread when and if you have a spell you want, when you do just post a thread asking for a list of spells you want and title the thread "golden oak library".

2. Sugarcube Corner
Got a sweet tooth or other craving? well books of spells aren't the only books in my collection, come on in to this thread and I'll have delicious recipes to offer you, ask me for one and I'll see what I got.

3. Sweet Apple Acres

4. Cloudsdale

5. Carousel Boutique
Pop culture thread.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Cloudsdale could be for smut.

Because that rain had to cum from somewhere.


Sweet Apple Acres could be for "Suggestive" stuff

Because Suggestive is Sweet but not Explicit


Which board is the fanfiction board?

File: 1550094711083.png (34.49 KB, 833x847, 1951092__questionable_edit….png)


Fanfiction Thread? It'd be nice to discuss fanfiction without the nu-4chan "Everything to our isekai-anime tastes is godlike, everything not to our tastes is trash" crowd.

File: 1550063411226.png (233.53 KB, 1280x720, large (18).png)


This is a roleplay thread

All you have to do is use a pony to roleplay as example "Fluttershy".

Remember tho, this is a lewd roleplay say have fun fucking around! ;)


File: 1550076358438.png (177.34 KB, 505x520, 654990.png)

I'm in. What system are we using?


Super Nintendo Entertainment System! :D


File: 1550085194330.png (564.58 KB, 1295x1050, 1952153.png)

FYI: if you want to throw dice, just put the amount of dice and their size in brackets. For example, 2d6 results in: 2d6[ 2d6 = 5 ]

File: 1550010620271.gif (593.79 KB, 800x750, large.gif)


>This kind of content is allowed?
Nope. Drawn loli is legal in Finland, but that is something too many other countries could get you in trouble for. I don't want to get anyone in trouble for viewing this site.
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I'm not actually a mod, Anon. It means Mod of My Account. I'm not a Derpi or /poni/ mod. Chill.


Name field on this imageboard is reserved only for stuff like posting OC and RP threads.


Where the fuck did I imply you are a derpi or /poni/ mod? Seems like you just wanted to flaunt your special snowflakishness. Learn into proper reading, first, and then educate yourself on laws regarding content hosted on internet.


>you dense namefag
If not implied, then my mistake. Calm the f down.


> >This kind of content is allowed?
Who are you quoting?

File: 1549649868639-0.png (68.46 KB, 480x552, 1955021.png)

File: 1549649868639-1.png (696.39 KB, 1920x1080, 1843034.png)


We are these characters so well loved? I never saw the attraction to either of them.
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File: 1549704484324.png (100.59 KB, 526x526, 1292504.png)

A holejob. The common idea seems to be that all their holes are love receptacles.


File: 1549727274281.png (6.4 MB, 5000x3000, 1788486.png)

Silly anon, you don't need an excuse to post more cryssi!


File: 1549894153051.gif (487.26 KB, 450x450, pixellunabyWookylee1487622….gif)

Could someone explain why Luna is so loved? I mean, she's not a bad pony but the amount of fans adoring her seems completely out of proportion.


File: 1549909642512.png (836.34 KB, 1030x1060, 1811126.png)

we adore her so she won't turn evil again


Trixie's a complete fucking loser but her first episode made us feel bad for her.
Chrysalis is because we want to stick our dicks in every hole we see.

File: 1549656809416.jpg (25.92 KB, 512x512, penk817.jpg)


how many secret boards are here? I've found only one so far


File: 1549658237700.jpeg (129.68 KB, 1350x1024, 1454576.jpeg)

H-How did you find out about it?!

But no, there are no more boards.


t. admin :^)





There are two actually :^)

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