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Someone's been going around anonymously without an admin flag, and telling everyone that we're not allowed to use names or tripcodes. I figure they're just being a power tripping entitled asshole, but I want to make sure of this.

How about these rules, regarding posters using names?

1. Using names is allowed.
2. Using tripcodes is allowed.
3. Being anon is allowed.
4. Talking about people's names is off topic so not allowed.
5. Threads whose topic is to talk about people's names should be on /meta/.
6. Using avatars is only allowed if the image is on topic for the thread. (i.e. roleplaying threads)
7. Lying about the rules of the site to make people do what you want is a tacit agreement to be mocked and laughed at.

Okay so maybe those are pretty terrible rules, but I'd like to know what the rules are with regard to names and tripcodes, so I know whether to apologize and promise to obey them.

If there are no rules except rule 0, I'd like to know that too, so I can continue to laugh at the guy claiming I have to be anon or else I'm oppressing his people.


File: 1550520474563.png (371.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1195074.png)

Sorry, but anonymity is a pretty crucial part of how an imageboard works.

To lay down some formal rules:
1. Names are allowed only for posting OC or roleplaying.
2. Tripcodes are allowed in the same situations as names.
3. Avatarfagging is allowed in the same situations as names and tripcodes.


You could argue that gratuitous namefagging falls under the /yourblog/ part. But I did write the rule(s) expecting them to be replaced with something more precise (although I'm not a fan of codifying common sense).

The current practice is to give a warning, and if that doesn't help a temporary block on using a name is given.


File: 1550523729977.gif (157.81 KB, 1200x640, noht.gif)


Well that's pretty clear, at least. Later.


What is avatarfagging?

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