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Frequently asked questions that nobody actually asked, but whatever, you're just here for the answers.


  1. This is a board about ponies, for ponies, by ponies. i wish Not /b/, not /pol/, not /yourblog/.
  2. Using a name and/or tripcode is allowed only when posting OC or in roleplay threads.


Any YouTube link should work in the place of an image, e.g.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z7UnO66q9w or youtu.be/VoOW1Vvl2oU or cqCxWrWtCqM

Cross-board links?

>>>/poni/ >>>/poni/1

Fancy text?

[s]spoiler[/s] or [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler]
Dicerolls: [d20] or [2d6] or [d100+100]

Best pony?

Well duhhh.



File: 1549992141138.jpg (59.7 KB, 580x348, 1520884808196.jpg)

Nice intuitive tag closings faggot!


To the above comment or to the thread?


instead of [/s], [/g], [/o] and [/p]
kinda retarded if you ask me, especially considering that it's [/b], [/i] and [/u] like a regular human being would expect




<Flood detected; Post discarded.


File: 1550074517855.png (65.83 KB, 978x552, csgrad.png)

Fixed the retarded tags. (Finally.) I was gonna yell at vichan but apparently it's NPFchan that added this markup.

I'll put the board config on git soon™ to accept issues and pull requests. And maybe see if there's anything important in those vichan commits that npfchan hasn't merged.


Seems like spoilered images don't work, probably because a spoiler thumbnail isn't set. On my screen it just shows no image, although it has the image text.


File: 1551161733965.png (Spoiler Image, 608.89 KB, 1024x740, 1205063.png)

Fixed, thanks for the heads up. Not sure why I didn't see the problem though. I didn't see the problem because the theme I was using overrides the thumbnail size (which is kind of fucking retarded)

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