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File: 1549333645151.png (3.34 MB, 2500x1406, LunaC.png)


The site is up and running, but I'm still considering alternatives for board software. Frankly because I'm not fond of PHP, though I'm not ruling it out either.

I'll look into what's on this list:
I think that covers most actively developed boards, but if there are others do suggest them.


The catalog is pretty wonky, not updating post counts or showing threads in order


File: 1549624879702.png (1.57 KB, 455x30, asdf.png)

Blame the admin who's too dumb to tick a checkbox.


>tested and popular imageboard software
>not written in PHP
pick one and only one

>10 threads per page

why not regular 15?


It does seem none of the alternatives are very mature. Oh well.

Because having more pages makes the site seem bigger. Nah, 10 is actually the tinyboard/vichan default. I was meaning to increase it, and possibly lower the amount of posts shown to 3.


File: 1550178003237.png (13.38 KB, 499x290, poni fun.png)

The QoL on this site is absolute shit.





File: 1560054176596.png (84.38 KB, 208x208, NHGieLnU.png)

I can add much more "board software" in this list.


I'm mildly interested as to what else there is (that's actually maintained).
But I guess we're sticking with vichan; it sort of works, and migrating sounds like work.


>we're going to be nothing like 4chan mods!
>already doing the work excuse
Well, that didn't take long.


Well, for the record, I'm handling technical stuff, not partaking in any moderation.


>admin discord friend going "it's not my problem, take it elsewhere"
Wow, two strikes already. Boy, that escalated quickly.


File: 1560145568024.png (184.73 KB, 468x431, 1541187088004.png)

I just started to fill the list.
Soon it will be more.


Possibly you will not find anything better vichan or npfchan.
If you don’t like "live realtime boards" like meguka for example.

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